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Journalism under attack. Journalists shrug.

During the Presidential campaign, several high-profile members of the media wondered aloud about the prospects of a Trump Presidency.  One of their fears was that they could be prosecuted for simply doing their jobs to uncover information.  It turns out they were right.   So, why are none of them complaining?

pp videoCalifornia’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, yesterday filed 15 felonies charges against two film makers who went undercover and produced a number of the horrifying videos we saw last year about Planned Parenthood.  You remember them, right?  The ones that included PP officials casually discussing the harvesting of baby parts while calmly munching on a salad during lunch.

Becerra, it should be noted, received campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood.  I’m not a lawyer but I fail to see how this does NOT constitute a “conflict of interest.”  Of course, we’re talking about a party who explained away last year’s infamous tarmac meeting between the nation’s AG and the husband of a person who was under investigation.

The two filmmakers are facing a multitude of charges for (ostensibly) violating California laws concerning invasion of privacy.  Of course, a quick Google search will lead you to other stories where animal rights abuses were exposed by means of the exact same undercover tactics.  Are we to infer that such methods are only viable when animals are the victims?  No…that’s not true.  If it were, the left would have been up in arms over the surreptitious video recording of Mitt Romney when he made his infamous “47%” remark.  Of course, they weren’t.  No…I think it has more to do with the nature of the target and their relation to the left’s sacrosanct “narrative.”

I am going to be looking VERY closely the next few days for comments from the scions of the Mainstream Media.  Unless they are uniformly up in arms about this blatant attack on journalistic practices, they are weapons-grade hypocrites who are to be mocked and ignored.  Even more than they usually are.

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