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Obama’s Climate Jihad: RIP

hqdefaultWith Donald Trump as President, you have to endure the silly and stupid to get to the practical and good.  We saw some of the “good” today when the President rolled back most of Barack Obama’s Executive Orders and Regulations to address the most over-hyped doomsday scenario since…well, the last doomsday scenario.


Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” would have closed hundreds of coal-fired power plants, while freezing construction of new plants.  But they would have (ostensibly) been replaced them with new wind and solar farms.  Because if there’s one thing the government is good at, it’s forecasting long-term trends in commercial industry.  Ah, who am I kidding?  The government would lose money running a whorehouse near a Navy base.


Climate Change is, at worst, a minor anomaly that will be easily dealt with. But such a stance does not allow for odious government expansion.


Now those with a gift for strawmen will claim that I think it’s OK to be wasteful of resources and intentionally-harmful to the environment.  Go ahead and claim that.  But it’s not true.  Good stewardship is good living and always a good idea.  But it takes a great deal of hubris to think we can turn this planet on its ear by driving SUVs.  And it takes an insane amount of faith to think that government regulations are all that is standing in the way of Terra Firma going belly-up.


We missed a chance last week to end another odious chapter of the Obama years with the failure to get an ACA repeal passed.  There is still hope for that happening.   In the meantime, I will take this victory over Obama’s myopic stance on Climate Change.


Now the international climate community, which was so hoping that the United States would take the lead on this mythical Climate Change dragon will have to find a new champion.  Perhaps China and/or Russia will willingly agree to hamstring their industry in order to make the modern-day version of a virgin sacrifice to the Climate Gods?  Then again…probably not.


To celebrate, I am going to go crank up my bloodthirsty SUV and turn the air conditioner on.  Then I will roll the windows down.  I will leave it there overnight until it runs out of gas.  Then I will put in MORE gas tomorrow morning.

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