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cvip4These are random thoughts and observations from a Constitutional Libertarian who is upset that Common Sense is far too UNcommon these days.

This is the blog of Chuck Vipperman — a 54-year old former Radio News Director in Danville, Va.  I spent 32 years in radio, as man and boy. I spent 27 years doing radio news. including nearly 20 years heading up the News Department at Danville’s two most listened-to stations.

I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and minors in Spanish and History.

I am married to the former Heather Fisher (22 years now!) and have two wonderful children.  Hannah, 19 and Charlie 15.  I am also proud owner of Wolfie, the Killer Yorkie.

I love the Virginia Tech Hokies in any sport, the Detroit Tigers, beer, premium cigars, peanuts, BBQ and people who think.



  1. Steven R smith says:

    Hi Chuck
    Just a line to say Hi.
    Miss your Detroit Tigers comments and insights, your in depth news reports (not to be found in Danville now) and your down to earth views on the local, state and national events, while you were at WBTM.
    Hope all is well with you and heather.

    Steven R Smith

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  2. Good to hear from you!

    The family’s fine. I miss radio but I do NOT miss getting up before the roosters! 🙂


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