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Pence Family Values Stump the Left

I swear, there may be no better evidence of the cultural divide in America than the left’s reaction to this week’s “revelation” about Vice-President Mike Pence.


karen-pence-mike-pence-karen-whitaker-1475583404-compressedIn 2002, Mike Pence told the Hill that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side, either.  In some circles this is known as the “Billy Graham Rule,” named after the famed evangelist.   Graham did not want to create the conditions that could lead to an affair.  He also wanted to avoid the appearance of  impropriety.  Seems like a reasonable standard for a public figure.  But not today.  Those on the left with a reflexive disgust of Pence and all for which he stands were horrified.


“He is sexist!”  “This is like Sharia Law!”  “He doesn’t trust women!” “How can he hire women if he won’t eat with them?!”  This is radioactive nonsense.


Show of hands, ladies.  How many of you would be threatened by this policy?  Now, how many of you would appreciate that your husband loves you enough to go out of his way to avoid temptation; while simultaneously taking steps to not opening your marriage to rumor and innuendo?


Could it be that Pence loves his wife, and their marriage, enough to not put either in a compromising situation?  Perhaps he respects his wife enough to not force her to answer questions about the women he was seen dining with last night?  It may be possible that he realizes the best way to beat temptation is to lessen its presence wherever possible.  The majority of marital infidelity comes with a person known to both husband and wife.  Plus, to be brutally honest, in this world of sexual assault accusations that are based on specious evidence; is it not a smart move to make sure you don’t open yourself up to such a possibility?


I think the far left is having trouble dealing with this because it runs so counter to the world in which they live.  The thought that a man could hold such views and not be a latent sexist is incongruous to them.   What we simple folks see as a good rule of thumb is seen by the left as insulting.  If you derisively chuckle at someone who has old-fashioned views for honoring his wife and respecting their marriage, it might be time to examine the health of your OWN relationships. Indeed, many members of the “Blue Check Brigade” (that’s the new name given to journalists who have verified Twitter accounts) began laying on the snark hot and heavy after this quote was lifted.  A quick search of their personal lives reveals a litany of failed marriages and toxic relationships.  But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.


Political pundits who touted the glories of Bill Clinton, Anthony Wiener, Ted Kennedy and others also ridiculed Pence.  I’ll just let that statement speak for itself.


I’m not sure how this cultural divide can be bridged.  Hell, I’m not sure if I WANT it to be bridged.


Its too bad Pence is not a Muslim who forced his wife to dress in a head-to-toe burka in public.  The same yahoos on the left would praise his “multiculturalism.”

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