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Fact Check Follies (again)

Earlier this week, President Trump and others pointed out the latest 180-degree pivot from Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.  After polling data showed that the riots were not “playing well” with middle America, Democrats pulled muscles to find the nearest microphone to “condemn the violence.”

Trump and the others pointed out that this was at odds with Harris’ efforts just a few weeks ago to promote and contribute to a fund that bailed out protestors arrested during the original round of riots in Minneapolis.

Seems straight-forward enough, right?  Not so fast!  FACT-CHECKERS TO THE RESCUE.  The reliably-mediocre Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post broke away briefly from his DNC video conference to publish this dreck.  In it, he defends Harris by pointing out that while Harris DID tweet support for a bail fund, the money didn’t just assist protesters.

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another round of Fact Check Follies…the show where we demonstrate that the beknighted Fact Checking community is just bias by another name.

That’s it.  That’s the defense.  That, according to the ever-so-neutral Kessler is enough to rate this claim “unrated.”  What courage.  Kessler couldn’t toss away his last remaining microsliver of credibility by giving this even a single “Pinocchio.”   He should have just gone ahead and rated it, “true, but not really because a Republican said it.”

Kessler admits Harris supported a bail fund for people arrested during declared riots—but he throws in a meaningless extra detail that is supposed to somewhat mitigate the claim.  Wow. “Journalism Dies In Darkness,” indeed.

I point all this out for one main reason.  There are an alarming number of people who treat “fact-checkers” as the last word in any debate.  They are seen as a mic drop/slam dunk/irrefutable resolution to any and all disputes.  There is a reason that the vast majority of those who feel this way are left-of-center.  That’s because the mainstream media outlets who routinely deploy their “fact checking brigade” are simply utilizing an extension of the outlet’s own bias—often precipitously to the left.

And for the umpteenth time—they have every right to do that.  But I also have the right—I would say an *obligation* to remind people that the saintly fact-checkers are often shrouded activists going by another name.

Yes…we live in the Golden Age of “Fact-Checking.”  Except when the subject is someone the mainstream media is fond of.  Then they instantly become collectively incurious—offering nothing but grace, equivocation and endless benefit of the doubt.  The ‘fact-checking’ genre is little more than opinion writing and activism masquerading as impartial reporting.

Think about this when you slap down a Snopes link in the middle of a date and act like you just hit a walk-off homer. 

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