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Absolutely Unacceptable

I am the furthest thing from a prude you will find.  I have become legendary for telling off-color jokes, getting away with casual profanity and saying controversial things because I am addicted to freedom.  Freedom for everyone. I think anything goes—so long as there is consent.  11-year old girls are not able to give consent.  Period.  End of story.

Netflix this week debuted the film “Cuties.”  It depicts the lives of 11-year old French girls living in what appears to be a hellish underground for little girls that are targeted for sexual displays.  But it is not the cinematography or writing that is the subject of concern.  It is the fact that the film utilizes ACTUAL 11-year old girls to convey the story.  That’s right.  They hope to shine a light on child sexual exploitation—by sexually exploiting children.

This is a bit like torturing an animal in front of people, filming it, and calling it social commentary on animal abuse.  We would NOT accept this as a society.  So why are we willing to turn a blind eye here? 

“Schindler’s List” was able to accurately portray the horrible treatment of Jews during WWII without actually harming Jews.  Several movies have graphically displayed the horrors of drug abuse without forcing the actors to actually shoot up heroin.  Really—it’s not that difficult.

I cheerfully stipulate that porn is often in the eye of the beholder.  What one sees as porn the other may view as passionate or creative coitus. But I will accept NO nuance when we are talking about little girls being involved.  I am NOT going to share the infamous clip that is making the rounds.  You’ll have to find it for yourselves.

The most alarming part of all this is the number of people defending this.  I can handle dissenting opinions.  But I must say I had hoped that something this egregious would be one of those rare instances where political and social differences would not matter.  That we could look at something so clearly wrong and say “that’s wrong.”

Wrong again, Chuck.

I cannot believe we have gotten to the point where I would have to defend a position that states 11-year old girls should NOT be baring their breasts in a sexually provocative manner while performing the equivalent of a pole dance in front of hundreds of adults. Never did I think I would have to explain why it is wrong for little girls to stroke their private parts and simulate BDSM during the course of a dance.  But here we are.

As a reporter, I can remember covering several trials where the accused had images of children on their computer.  We were not shown the images (nor was I interested in seeing them) but the courtroom was told the children were partially or fully naked, and pictured in sexual poses.  The defendants were found guilty.  Who knew that they could have packaged it as a movie and claimed he was “fighting” child sexual exploitation.  They would have gotten a 90% review on Rotten Tomatoes, just like “Cuties” did.  (fact)

2020 has impacted me as much as anyone else in terms of sapping joy out of my soul.  But the sheer number of people who are trying to tell me the sexualization of 11-year old girls is “Ackshually OK” is driving me mad.  I am going to say or do something very soon that might get me in trouble. I am a consistent and jealous defender of Free Speech.  But that only pertains to adults offering consent.  I am honestly distressed that I would have to include such an obvious caveat. 

If you are struggling to come up with ways to explain or defend this movie, do us both a favor and block or unfollow me right now.  Seriously—I have no desire to interact with someone who seeks to defend child pornography.  Add *that* to the growing list of things I never thought I would have to say.

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