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When is an increase a “cut?”

In 1983, the Federal Government spent about 19 billion dollars on Medicaid.


In 2001, total Medicaid spending jumped to 129 billion.


In the current budget, 389 billion is allocated for Medicaid.


Under the GOPs earlier proposals, that spending would increase to 500 billion dollars annually within a decade.  Over that same time, Obamacare calls for Medicaid spending to end up at just above $600 billion per year.


But the overriding arguments we have heard in regards to AHCA is that it would “kill people.”  Otherwise-sane individuals are suggesting the measure would be the equivalent of genocide.


Explain to me how a 27% increase in spending over the next decade is “killing Medicaid.”  It’s not even a cut.  By definition, it is the OPPOSITE of a cut.


Disagree with AHCA all you want.  I don’t like it one bit; but for entirely different reasons I suspect.  You can call it short-sighted, badly-thought-out, inadequate.  But do NOT try and start any honest debate with the theory that a 27% increase in Medicaid spending amounts to gutting Medicaid and killing people.  It makes you look silly and ignorant.  When I hear people spew hyperbolic nonsense like that, I ignore them.  They are clearly not interested in debate.

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