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Government: Ideas so damned good, they’re mandatory!

statism2Among the myriad of odious components of Obamacare, the Individual Mandate stands alone.  It forced people to purchase health insurance.  That people would tout the number of insured as a measure of Obamacare’s success in the subsequent years was one of the most intellectually dishonest exercises I have ever witnessed.  Try to imagine what it would be like to hear that sales of fedora hats showed a marked increase shortly after the government threatened to fine you if you didn’t purchase one.  We’ll file this under, “DUH!”


Of course, if Health Insurance were such a precious commodity people would NOT need to be compelled to purchase it.  People do not seem to need a mandate to purchase cell phones, beer or gasoline.  That’s because people WANT to purchase them.  As a result, those items are ubiquitous and affordable.


That ages-old philosophy that Government Knows Best was on display this week in South Miami-Florida.  Their City Commissioners passed a law mandating new homes include at least 75% solar panel coverage on their roofs.  The new law would require owners of new single-family homes, townhouses and multi-story residentials– to include the panels. It also applies to owners who expand their homes by 75% or more.


South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard dialed his hubris meter up to “11” with this statement.


“If you don’t have solar on your house, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.  The homeowner benefits, the homes sell faster so realtors benefit; the home builders benefit because the value of the house is higher. Everybody benefits, so what’s the problem?”


Mayor Sonofabitch, let me break this down for you.  If people felt they were “leaving money on the table” by not having solar panels, they would install solar panels, OK?  A few years ago, I judged that it would be worth the investment to install new windows and doors in my home to save on electric bills.  If I judged that it would not be a cost-effective investment, I would not have done it.  Do you see how that works, Mayor Asshole?  *I* make that decision—not you.


As for your assertion that the “homes would sell faster,” oh man.  Tell me, Mayor Dickhead…how does that work?  Since when does making a product more expensive boost sales?  If you mandated new cars have expensive stereo systems in them, boosting the overall cost of the car, would that cause an increase or a decrease in sales?  Or would it compel people to purchase only used cars so they could avoid the “stereo mandate?”


And while you’re at it, Mayor Know-It-All, tell me how the home builders benefit because the value of the house is higher?  If that were true they would add solar panels of their own volition, not under the threat of fines.  Do you understand?  If I thought that adding a carport to each home I built would benefit me, I would do it.  Gladly.  No government coercion required.


Finally, Mayor Insufferable Bastard…your conclusion that “Everybody benefits, so what’s the problem?” is emblematic of all that is bad about Government.  First off, everyone does NOT benefit.  The only ones who benefit are companies that produce solar panels.  Thanks to the coercive power of government, they have a built-in market.  It’s not surprising that many of those companies could not survive in the free market.  No, they need government mandates to force people to buy their products.  Hmmm…where have I heard THAT before?  Also unsurprisingly, these companies are legendary for their fiscal support of politicians who think Government should have as large a role as possible in our lives.


There is no benefit to the person who wants to build a new house.  By definition you have just priced more of them out of the market.  The builders won’t benefit, since they will likely be building fewer homes.


But there is another group that clearly benefits.  Government control assholes like Mayor Stoddard. They use the police power of The State to pass laws that not only make them feel good, but also give them the power to do even more.  What happens when fewer and fewer people are able to afford homes?   That’s right.  The likelihood increases that they will need government help.  More customers for the Statists.

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