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Who knew “repeal” meant “rebrand?”

2017-03-07t23-35-00-633z--1280x720.nbcnews-ux-1080-600From the moment it was birthed via parliamentary subterfuge, we conservatives and libertarians have been pushing for full repeal—nothing less.

From the moment even the most ardent Obama supporter realized that you could NOT, in fact, keep your plan and keep your doctor while saving $2,500 annually— we have been pushing for full repeal—nothing less.

From the moment our friends and others began experiencing a doubling or tripling of health care costs while others paid next to nothing, we have been pushing for full repeal—nothing less.

From the moment Obamacare’s architects told the country that they relied on our stupidity to get this boondoggle passed, we have been pushing for full repeal—nothing less.

Over the past seven years, we have heard Republicans moan that they would do exactly that…if they could just get control of the House.  Then the Senate.  Then the White House.  Now that they have the Holy Trinity under their control, they are discovering that they sort of like being able to dictate people’s behaviors.

Without getting too far into the weeds, the AHCA plan looks eerily similar to ACA.  Indeed, Republicans run the danger of being sued for copyright infringement.  It apparently ends the mandate, which is good—but it does little to address the 25 million Americans with unsubsidized individual-market coverage.  Those are the ones who have been hammered by Obamacare.  The measure leaves ACA’s insurance regulations intact, with plans to offset those costs with even more subsidies.  It would basically shift that burden to the states while creating a new entitlement in the process.  In other words, more of the same—but branded differently.  Call it Obamacare 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Perhaps equally disturbing is the stance that President’s Trump’s most ardent supporters are taking on this.  Now that Trump has endorsed the plan, he and his minions have developed a brand-new appreciation for the art of compromise.  It’s amazing to me how flexible some of us become when our guy proposes something that we’d call ludicrous if it was made by the other guy.  Might be a good reason to attach yourself to ideas and not people.

I realize that the draft plan is just that…a draft plan.  It is the first salvo and will be adjusted according to feedback.  To the GOP, consider my response and others’ your feedback.  We have been pushing for full repeal—nothing less.  And that remains our push.  Repeal means repeal, not modify.

Your move.

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