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A “Day Without Women.” And without perspective.

international_womens_day_mapThis is International Women’s Day. But the ones marking it most conspicuously are not the women you and I are most familiar with.  You know…the ones who work hard, love their families and friends and respect others.  No the ones here in the US that are observing the day are doing it as only Americans can—by complaining about how terrible things are for women here in The States.

The same group that brought us the Women’s March last month is leading today’s “Day Without Women” protest. You remember last month’s march, right?  It’s the one where daring feminists knit and wore “p*ssy hats,” scrawled obscenities on tampons and plastered them on large walls, fashioned and wore outfits that resembled large vaginas, and cheered when a popular entertainer told the President to “S*ck a d*ck.”

The theory behind today’s protest is a general strike by women.  They’re being told not to go to work today and not to shop—unless it’s at a female or minority-owned business.  It sounds like a bad sitcom plot—where the mother takes the day off and the father comes home to a filthy home and children playing in the mud.  Hardy-har-har.

A couple of simple question for those who are participating.  Who, exactly, are you striking against? Given the targets, it seems clear you see men, particularly white men, as the bad people. Is it a noble thing to discriminate against someone based on their race and gender?  Is that not the very definition of “racism” and “sexism?”

Also of note, at least four school districts in the US suddenly had to close today because a large number of their teachers were taking leave today.  I don’t really see where closing schools for a day is a positive thing.  Not to mention the extra childcare costs incurred by working mothers who do NOT have the privilege of taking a day off.

Add to that, there is no one who supports this “movement” that is able to answer what I feel is a very elemental and essential question.  What rights do women “not” possess in the United States because of their gender? I’m serious.  Don’t give me the mythical “wage gap.”  It’s not true.  And we already have laws in place to address such discrimination when it occurs.  If the wage gap were real, why would a business EVER hire a man?

I guess I have an advantage in all this.  Having a strong and independent mother helped me to see what a sham this movement is. Mom said the worst women in the world are those who push “Women’s Rights” at the expense of men. She could hold her own with any man and never even considered gender as an issue.  I’m glad Mom is not around to see these jackasses at work.  Actually, I take that back.  Her reaction would be priceless.

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