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How far we’ve fallen…and how quickly

electoralcollege2000-largeCorrect my memory if it is faulty, but I do not believe it is.

In the 2000 Presidential Election, the win in Florida put George W. Bush over the top with 271 Electoral votes.  We all know the controversy surrounding the Florida results and the bitterness with which they were received by supporters of Al Gore.  I can understand their frustration.  It was maddeningly close, but they still lost.

Going into the official vote by the Electors, all they had to do was get two of the 271 Republican Electors to change their mind.  That’s it.  Two.  I remember the idea being brought up but I also remember it being quickly shot down.  By BOTH sides!  That’s right.  I recall Democrats who had the decency 16 years ago to NOT want to resort to Electoral College subterfuge; even though their candidate lost in heart-breaking fashion.

What in the HELL has happened in the past sixteen years?  Seriously, that is not a long period of time.  We’ve gone from a time where such coercion was quickly dismissed, to a time where it is embraced and encouraged.

Remember the video I posted a couple of days ago of the celebrities actively trying to get Electors to NOT vote for Trump?  Well, they released an updated version this week…where they single out the Electors BY NAME!  Wow!

Have we lost our soul?  Has it come to this?  In a span of 16 years, what was considered taboo is now Standard Operating Procedure.  What will it be like 16 years from now?


  1. Wilkerson says:

    We’ve entered an era where the participation trophy crowd is having to dead with losing for the first time. They lack the necessary coping skills to learn from failure and improve.

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  2. Good point…16 years ago, most of them were too young to vote.


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