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Electoral College Capers

I am about as close to speechless as I will ever get after viewing this short video.

A group of celebrities forming under the banner “Unite of America” today released the most cringe-worthy video you may ever see.  I guess it says something about me that I can only identify about one of two of these people, but that’s beside the point.

In it, the pseudo-celebs solemnly ask the 535 members of the Electoral College to vote for someone other than Donald Trump on Monday when the Electors make it official.  A couple even say “I’m not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton,” as if that makes their message bi-partisan.

sheen3They point out that Alexander Hamilton envisioned such subterfuge 200 years ago when the Electoral College was established.  I must admit that hearing Martin Sheen quoting the Federalist Papers is like listening to Simon Wiesenthal reading from my “Mein Kampf.”  But what do I know?  I’m convinced many lefties actually think Martin Sheen was President once because he played it on TV.

Of course, what they are asking for is unprecedented.  They are asking the Electors deny votes for Trump based on his fitness for office.  Seriously.   I think my misgivings about Trump have been well-chronicled; but in my wildest dreams I could not imagine where my disagreements with him would force me to deny him the election that he clearly has earned.  I’m not sure what level of unfitness would be required before I would even THINK about asking an Elector to change their vote—but Trump’s shortcomings don’t even come close.  Hell, I could make a better argument that Obama was unfit for office, based on a paucity of achievements before his election.  I do not recall anyone asking Electors to change their votes in 2008.

I guess the good news is that this madness will soon be over—replaced by a fresh madness.  Monday will come, the Electors will choose Donald J. Trump, and the left will shift to more traditional methods of attacking him.  This little sidebar is fun…it’s instructive…but it will ultimately fail.  And it will further beclown a group of celebrities who have already done a bang-up job at self-parody.

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