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Another “life” not worth living

Democratic White Houses SURE love looking at people’s lives primarily through the lens of how much Government can help them.  And their efforts make North Korean Government propaganda look even-handed in comparison.

We remember the odious “Life of Julia” from the Obama administration.  It told the story of a woman who never had to make a crucial decision in her life, thanks to her friendly government. It highlighted a life where the fictional hero simply moved from one government program to another before they assumed room temperature.

Now we are being blessed with the “Life of Linda.”  Ostensibly, this examines how wonderful life would be if we abandoned all fiscal discipline and spent trillions of dollars we don’t have on projects that enrich the constituencies and supporters of certain members of Congress.

The result is the same.  Another mediocre existence where Government is so invasive that it is impossible to do anything where they are not the primary agency.  People are given enough to survive so they can contribute to the collective.

I suppose my libertarian version of the “Life of Chuck” wouldn’t be as compelling.

1. Chuck is born.

2. Chuck dies.

3. In between, the Government leaves Chuck the f*ck alone so long as he is not interfering in the individual liberties of others.  They maintain a system of justice which Chuck rarely notices, since he is not a lawbreaker and always honors the contracts and agreement he enters—and the ones with whom he voluntarily interacts do likewise.  They maintain a military which Chuck rarely notices because our shorelines are safe.  Hell, they even build a road or two.  But for the most part, they are invisible, and are only available on those rare occasions when Chuck needs them for a specific purpose.  Otherwise, Chuck is left largely to his own devices to determine his successes and failures—because every significant life contains a good amount of both.

Doesn’t have a “hook,” does it?

It is fair to note that in both of these government masterpieces there is not even the slightest mention of a father.  There’s a reason for that.  In this idyllic society, the Government is the father.  Evidently they HATE competition.

I can’t wait for senility to set in so crap like this doesn’t disgust me.


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