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Covington Kids became latest cultural battleground

injun joeA disturbingly-large portion of the American Political Left has become emotionally motivated to make this weekend’s ballyhooed confrontation after the March for Life in Washington a defining cultural issue.  In actuality, it was a fairly benign demonstration of free speech from all sides.  Passionate and non-violent.

If you look at the evidence with a non-partisan eye, it is becoming more and more apparent that the kids from Covington Catholic were reacting with pep rally style cheers to some very real racist commentary coming their way from the cultish “Black Hebrew” group that was nearby.  The Native American at the center of the controversy claims he was trying to diffuse tensions by walking up to the teens.  It should be noted that his original story had the teens approaching HIM.  Perhaps Nathan Phillips genuinely thought that it was the kids behaving badly…that he didn’t hear the insults being hurled by the Black Hebrews.  But if he has since taken the time to look at the longer videos, it is clear that the kids were not the aggressors.  With 20-20 hindsight, Mr. Phillips should acknowledge that he was trying to placate the wrong group.

But Phillips lied about serving in Vietnam.  So I would be shocked if he did the right thing.

Looking again with 20-20 hindsight, what reaction would have been appropriate to having an older man banging a drum and walking within inches of your face while you and your friends were being accosted by whackos while waiting for your bus?  A bemused smile (a dreaded “smirk,” if you will) seems quite innocuous.

I say this as someone who was taken in hook, line and sinker by the initial reports on this Saturday night.  As I explained in a prior post, I was brought up with a clear understanding as a teenager that older people are to be respected.  The original information showed a kid disrespecting an elder for no apparent good reason.  I never called for the kids to be doxed or even really punished.  I just thought that they should be chagrined for being such obvious jerks.  Still, I feel compelled to offer another mea culpa.  I was wrong.  I reacted rather than responded.  I will make every effort to see this does not happen again.

But too many others who initially called for the kids’ collective head on a silver charger have NOT recanted—even with the newer evidence that at the very least suggests the truth was different than what was generally understood Saturday evening.  Many have actually doubled down.

People are actually bloodthirsty for these kids to have their lives ruined.  For what? Did they assault anyone?  Did they deprive anyone of individual liberty?  No.  They are pissed because they look like someone they hate.  Because they support a different political candidate.  Because they look like that guy who did something bad to them in 1988.

And the harpies are not just content to see the boys punished.  They want the school shut down.  They are viewing this as an indictment of the world’s billion-plus Catholics.  The same people who (rightfully) tell us not to judge a billion-plus Muslims by the actions of a few are knocking one another over to slander the world’s largest religion based on what can AT WORST be described as mildly-boorish behavior by a handful of teenage adherents.

It is the same justification you used in an attempt to throw Brett Kavanaugh to the wolves.  It is the same argument you made to try and string up the Duke Lacrosse team more than a decade ago.  You who so casually accuse nearly half of the US population of racism and bigotry; are acting like racist bigots.  Your hate has turned you into the very thing you purportedly despise.

The worst part is, there are rarely consequences for those who intentionally spread exaggerations and falsehoods in order to demonize people whose skin color and gender they do not like.  Yes, Mike Nifong was disbarred for prosecutorial misconduct in the Duke Lacrosse case, but the media ghouls who intentionally poured high-octane fuel on a raging fire paid NO price.  The same sanctimonious Senators who cast aspersions on Brett Kavanaugh with no corroborating evidence are (mostly) still in the Senate.  And they are no doubt sharpening their fangs, ready to feast upon whomever the President nominates to replace Ruth Ginsburg.  And the jackasses who are trying to equate these teens with evil incarnate will continue to bray for as long as they can.

I have heard the concerns of minority parents who are worried that their children will be targeted by police if they make the slightest misstep in public.  It is a horrifying thing to consider and I am not equating that with what we are seeing here.  But there is a growing group of people with digital torches and pitchforks who are trying to make sure that certain children (and adults, for that matter) face life-altering sanctions for any public missteps they make—be they real or imagined.

This simply MUST end.

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  1. Matthew Skocilich says:

    From some sound clips I’ve heard on talk radio today, I’ve heard Nathan Phillips describe himself accurately as a “Vietnam time veteran” (i.e., Vietnam era veteran).
    It was CNN that either does not understand that distinction, or deliberately ellided it, when they described him.


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