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I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Trump!

583802826Well, here we go kiddies.  The Donald Trump Presidency is about to begin.  I want to strangle that ancient Chinese philosopher whose idea of well-wishes was “May you live in interesting times.”  I don’t know about you, but I could stand a little more boredom these days.

When Trump announced his candidacy two years ago I joined with millions of other Americans in a collective eye-roll.  To that point, his only real foray into the world of politics was pushing the ridiculous “birther” nonsense.  I always thought he was set up as the hatchet man by Republicans who wanted more information about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, but couldn’t risk the political fallout from pursuing it openly.  Enter Trump.  “Hell, I’ll do it!  What have I got to lose?”  He did it.  He lost the argument, but nothing else apparently.

To my dying day I will remain convinced that Trump first launched his Presidential bid as a publicity stunt.  Don’t get me wrong—he put his game face on when he first realized he had a chance to win this damned thing.  But I think his entry into the race was mainly to enhance his name brand…to negotiate a better deal for the next season of The Apprentice.

As most of you know I did not vote for Trump.  I could not.  Anyone claiming to love The Constitution and all that it represents would have a hard time reconciling that love into support for a man who doesn’t seem terribly interested in Constitutional restraint.

I understood the frustration that fueled Trump’s popularity. I shared it. I above anyone can appreciate someone who is willing to speak their mind and eschew political correctness.

But my guarded attitude about Trump likely stems even deeper.  For whatever reason, I am innately distrustful of popular people.  More specifically, I am leery of those leaders who engage people emotionally rather than logically.  I don’t automatically dismiss them…some of history’s greatest leaders were charismatic.  But when I see people begin forming emotional attachments with politicians, my shields go up.

trump-winsAs Trump gained popularity during the campaign, I saw many on the right demonstrating traits that had become synonymous with Obama supporters.  Their bond was such that they were absolutely incapable of offering even the most minor criticism to their object of desire.  Concurrently, they viewed any such minor critique from others as blasphemy.  I was called “racist” in 2008 when I raised questions about the candidate Obama.  I was called “liberal” in 2016 when I raised questions about the candidate Trump. Other than that, the reaction from both camps was practically identical.

I simply ask that the most virulent Trump supporters be prepared to accept critiques of his Presidential moves.  He WILL make mistakes, I promise you.  Can we not call those who point out those mistakes “liberals” “haters” “traitors,” et. al?  Can we get a moratorium on that?

For the fanatic Never Trumpers…both on the left and right…please be prepared to accept the fact that the President will make some GOOD moves.  It will happen.  Please do not act like some have and offer death threats to those who committed the unpardonable sin of announcing they were planning to perform at one of the Inauguration functions.  Please create a climate where is it OK for someone left-of-center to say something like, “You know, that move by the President did NOT suck.”

In short, we ALL need to ditch the “My party, right or wrong” mentality…and we need to do it quickly.  Else, we’re going to miss out on the future blessings of (one day) having a mercifully-boring President.

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  1. Kathy Galloway says:

    He is a populist. He is going to try and get things done. He is not a Conservative Republican. He is, however, going to be a great President. Exciting times for those of us who really knew his passion for politics and our country long before he announced his run. The right President at the right time, I say.! Enjoyed the read though 😄


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