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I Admit…I Couldn’t Watch It All

170104215137-facebook-live-beating-t1-exlarge-169Social Media blew up last night with the revelation that four African-American teenagers in Chicago had used Facebook Live to show their torture of a mentally disabled man.  During their torture, they scream, “F*ck White People!”  and “F*ck Trump!”  Most on the right immediately called for the four to be charged with hate crimes.  But I never got around to that.  I was too focused on the raw, unbridled evil shown in the video.

As the father of a special needs child (age 10), I cannot imagine the horror.  My son and most like him are gentle souls by nature.  They would not harm a fly.  They are innately trusting.  I suspect it was very easy for these animals to lure the victim to their apartment.  I could only watch about thirty seconds of the torture, stopping when I saw the horrified look on the victim’s face.  I pictured my son’s face instead.  I had to stop as I began imagining what my reaction would be had this been Charlie.

People, who gives a damn that “Hate Crime” charges have been filed here?  Does it make you feel better?  Does that make this despicable act MORE despicable?   If no hate charges were filed would that have made it LESS despicable? Does this make the horrible event a “See, I told you so!” moment?

Equally depressing has been the reaction from the left.  While no one claiming sanity is trying to defend or explain this crime, several have tried to ameliorate any political fallout.  Some reminded us of all of the injustices perpetrated on blacks over the centuries.   By that logic, ANY crime involving an African-American could be explained away.  In their initial Press Conference after the video, a Chicago Police Spokesman characterized it as four kids who “made stupid decisions.”  No.  Choosing to drink and drive is stupid.  Choosing to slap an alligator is stupid.  This was pure unadulterated evil…with no respect to race.

The story here is not which political side can “score points.  It is about a 100% innocent victim who was kidnapped and tortured for no reason.  And the assailants didn’t think that was QUITE enough.  No, they had to go to the trouble of broadcasting it live. That is evil.  What they said during the crime makes no difference to me.  The crime was plenty heinous enough.

If you are fretting over the political “optics” of this horrible event you are missing the point and should be ashamed of yourself.


  1. vickisweb says:

    I am sure it effected you deeply, Chuck. The evil people in this world who make victims out of our less fortunate have a special special in hell reserved for them. Go give little Vip a hug and forget about these barbaric *ssholes.


  2. Luis Otero says:

    Never knew of ANY crime that wasn’t hateful to someone else… Ever hear of a crime of love, against anyone??


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