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Obamacare Death Spiral Produces Maximum Chutzpah

spirallogo-300x318In anticipation of the looming repeal of the odious Obamacare, Democrats are making some interesting demands of Republicans who plan to replace this federally-funded boondoggle with something only slightly less intrusive to our personal freedoms.

A tweet this morning from the official Senate Democrat’s account reads:

“The Trump Team owes it to the American people to explain how they’ll provide health coverage BEFORE they repeal it.”

Wow.  Now that it is something they don’t like Democrats are demanding specifics BEFOREHAND.  It almost sounds like they’re insisting lawmakers read the bill so they know what’s in it before they pass it.  THAT is chutzpah!

And of course it is worth noting that the debate is no longer IF the government should provide Health Insurance, but in what manner.  That is what I and others were afraid would happen.  Once people become addicted to the drug of government entitlements, it is hard to metaphorically remove the needle.  Maybe the Republican’s plan will be a bit like Methadone; weaning us slowly towards an actual Fair Market for insurance providers.

Maybe if Republicans simply claimed that—under their plan—you could keep your doctor if you liked them…despite a mountain of evidence that showed otherwise.   Maybe they could simply claim, out of thin air, that the average family would save $2,500 annually—despite models that clearly show the opposite is true.

If I were a more forgiving man, I could have some sympathy for the people who used parliamentary subterfuge and shady back-room deals to get this monstrosity passed six years ago.  But alas…I am not.

Revenge is a dish best served….anytime.  I love the sound of chickens coming home to roost.

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