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Put Your Stickers Where Your Anal Swabs Go!

The next battle front in the Covid War will still be fought between those who want to live normal lives and those who want to be protected from practically ALL potential harm.

With lockdowns and overt restrictions fading away, the Safety-At-Any-Cost brigade will demand other restrictions, lest one of the dreaded VARIANTS finds its way into the air.  They will push for plexiglass requirements at restaurants and most any other indoor venue that has more than five people in it.

They will demand HARD PROOF of one’s vaccination status before attending an indoor sporting event or concert.  “Papers, please.”

They will push for the equivalent of Chinese Anal Swabs for anyone bold enough to do something like fly overseas.

They will INSIST that stores do not take up the cute little Kindergarten stickers that tell all of the good little boys and girls where they should stand or they will be punished.

They will force people to undergo temperature checks whenever they walk into a new building.  Or maybe from room-to-room.  You can’t be too careful, you know.

The same people who screamed “Wear the Damned Mask!” are NOT going to relinquish their chance to impact your life. Not when there is fear to be pimped.

Yes…I am employing hyperbole here…but probably not as much as you think.  There is a sizable section of the population who operate under the silly notion that we can eliminate most all societal risk.  Subgroups include those who are scared of their own shadows and others who get a VERY real charge out of being able to influence the behavior of others.

We have to beat them to the punch.  Before this big transition begins, normal people are going to have to demonstrate that we will NOT stand for a world where we have to have our temperature checked more than a dozen times a day.  We will NOT abide having to show vaccination papers in order to walk into an arena and watch the Virginia Tech Hokies choke in another tournament game.  We are NOT going to stand in the spot with the cute piece of tape just because it makes you feel better.  And if we run a business, we are NOT going to put the insulting damned stickers on the floor in the first place.

In short, we are not going to fashion a society based on the fears of hypochondriacs nor the wet dreams of control freaks.  Freedom>Safety.  Always.  Because if there is no freedom, all of the safety in the world is meaningless.


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