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Out with the old; in with the old

Pomp and circumstance do little for more.  I admire precision drill teams for about 90 seconds before I start losing interest. Same with funerals of people I didn’t know.  And when the pomp is done in the context of government…an entity of which I am already distrustful, then my interest level drops to near zero.

So, no.  I did not watch today’s inauguration of Joe Biden as our nation’s 46th President.  Neither did I watch the one from four years ago.  Or eight years ago.  Or 12.  I was busy charging a car battery this afternoon.  Previous excuses have included stacking bouillon cubes, bleeding the water heater, rotating tires on my car, raking brush in the backyard, swabbing my belly button for lint.  You know, the important stuff.  At least more important than Bread and Circuses for half of the population who are giddy that as of today, THEIR side owns the tanks and the guns.

As I’ve explained in previous posts, I have no animus towards Biden.  As politicians go, he seems to be one of the few I could actually talk to in a jovial manner.  In fact, I believe it was his record as a centrist that allowed Democrats to move his way in the primaries when they realized they didn’t need to fight a fiery demagogue (Trump) with one of their own.  And I hope I am correct when I say that the progressives who have counting down the hours until Biden’s nomination are going to be VERY disappointed when Biden begins to govern.

But will he?  Will the moderate Democrat that we’ve known for four decades suddenly become a Woke Senior Citizen, giving free policy rein to the loudest and furthest left sector of his party?  Will we see Beto become a gun czar?  AOC made Secretary of Health and Human Services, Rashida Tlaib appointed Ambassador to Israel?  Meh—unlikely on all counts.  But still, Biden will have to do SOMETHING to appease the Twitter Mob wing of the Democratic party.  We’ll have to keep our eyes open.

If you are like me and measure Government’s success by how much they are *forbidden* from doing instead of how much they’ve done, there is one artifact of the Trump debacle that will pay dividends for years.  Despite all of his other faults, Trump deferred to some VERY sharp people in filling three Supreme Court vacancies and 228 federal judicial seats.  He had a penchant for following the Heritage Foundation’s advice and appointing strict originalists to these seats.  This is not to say these judges will favor right wing policy over left…but they favor the CONSTITUTION above all.

In a period of history when Democrats have control of two of the three branches of government; coupled with the visceral urge to enact revenge on people who have opposed them the past four years, the US Judicial system will be in the best position to temper their zeal.  It will be up to men and women in black robes to step in when Democrats try to shed Constitutional restraints in their 2021 Vengeance Tour.

Many of these judges have already abundantly demonstrate that they follow the Constitution—not temporal political whims.  Do you doubt that?  Ask Former President Trump, who was bitch-slapped several times be judges HE appointed. So because of this formidable check in place, and given the decades of lawmaking evidence we have seen, it’s hard to think President Joe Biden is going to go scorched Earth like so many feared.  Yes, there will be significant changes in the makeup and tenor of the Federal Government…but nothing *too* far beyond the usual ones seen whenever a new party moves into that lovely mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Now I’ll quickly change my tune if a smirking Beto O’Rourke shows up at my door and demands I turn over my guns. Actually, I’ll switch my iPad to a live stream.  It would be interesting viewing.

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