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Everybody PANIC!

panic_button“Is it a pandemic yet?” “Is it a pandemic yet?” “Is it a pandemic yet?” “Is it a pandemic yet?”


I imagine scientists with the World Health Organization are positively tingling these days. They have their “black plague.” Or at least they hope they do.  And THIS TIME they mean it!


Please forgive me if I’m not ready to stock up on antibiotics, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, chicken soup, ginger ale and Vitamin C. I don’t feel particularly compelled to buy in to Corona Virus panic just yet.


I course, if I die from this, you can file this blog post under “tragic irony.”  Oh well.  A chance I’m willing to take.  You see once you have lived through more than a half-century you have been exposed to thousands of things that most assuredly will spell Doomsday for you.  After the 100th false alarm you begin tuning them out.


Scientists who portended the end of the world with the Avian Flu 15 years ago, the Swine Flu 10 years ago, and (etc etc etc) are crossing their collective fingers, hoping they can say, “I told you so!” this time around. Never mind that Corona Virus has claimed fewer lives worldwide in the past week than have accidents involving livestock. (True statistic!) The Powers That Be won’t let a chance for a good crisis to go unexploited.


Corona Virus may be a legitimate concern, but it’s more likely that it’s the 2020 version of the “Shark Attack” scare—a scare that was wiped off of the headlines following 9-11-01.


Folks, I was in the news business for nearly thirty years. I know that nothing draws listeners (or viewers or readers) more than a good headline story. You can’t get much deeper in terms of public interest than “National Health Scare!” But let’s face facts. How many times have the scientific community cried “wolf?”


Doomsday scientists are swarming around the Corona Virus scare for the same reason that the Weather Channel executives root for maximum damage from tornadoes and hurricanes. It makes them relevant. No one gives a damn about Jim Cantore when it’s sunny and 72 degrees. No one calls the Centers for Disease Control when they’re feeling fine.


Of course more than just the usual suspects are touting the Bubonic Potential of Corona Virus.  Those who support any and every expansion of government power are also champing at the bit to use this scare as an excuse to erode civil liberties—even if just for a little while.  Remember the two rules of Statists:

  1. During an emergency, anti-democratic measures are needed to ensure public safety, national security, and the nation itself.

  1. There is always an emergency.

 And there is the additional layer of intrigue with Corona Virus, coming as it does during a Donald Trump Presidency.  The same people who just KNEW the Mueller Report was going to bring him down, that Ukraine Gate was going to send him packing are now flush with the possibility that a bungled response could boost the chances of whatever empty suit they nominate of becoming the 46th President of the United States.  Of course these are the same people who will bray with righteous indignation at any attempt by Trump or his supporters to “politicize the crisis!”


We know what will happen.  There will be a handful of American deaths from this before it runs it’s course.  Trump’s opponents will put the faces of the victims on metaphorical (or maybe even literal) billboards, suggesting that Trump did everything but personally inject them with the virus.

GOD I hate some people.


So join me, won’t you, in rejecting the hype. That is, of course, until you die in a livestock-related accident!

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