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Democratic Presidential hopefuls “make a killing.”

Yes…politicians lie, exaggerate, demagogue and pander 24/7.  That’s what they do.  If we raised hell every time this happened we wouldn’t have time to take a piss.

But this goes beyond the usual partisan hackery.  This is borderline libel—and 100% inappropriate.

brown flowers.jpgToday marked the five-year anniversary of the fatal confrontation involving Michael Brown and a police officer in Ferguson-Missouri.  No need to re-hash the details.  We remember it all too well…and the violence that followed when a Grand Jury concluded there was not enough evidence to indict the officer.

What far too many people choose NOT to remember are the results of two separate Justice Department probes.  They concluded that there was no credible evidence Brown held up his hands and said “Don’t Shoot” after Officer Darren Wilson drew his gun. Did you read that? The whole “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” mantra that developed in the wake of the shooting? IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.  A rational person would feel pretty damned stupid after adopting a narrative based on something that was fabricated. But that didn’t stop this lie from becoming accepted as the truth by many.

Most of the Democratic Presidential candidates today marked the five-year anniversary.  For the most part, they focused on the incident, and the subsequent formation of Black Lives Matter.  But two of the front-runners took it a disgusting step further.  Below are the comments of Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

presidential libel

Words mean things.  “Murder” has a very specific meaning.  Harris, as a former prosecutor, most certainly knows what it means.  Warren, as a former Harvard Law Professor, most certainly knows what it means.  Murder is the non-justifiable taking of a human life.  Murder does NOT include what happened five years ago in Ferguson-Missouri.  Every single inquiry showed it was a justifiable shoot.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder made this a cause celebe in 2014.  If there were ANYTHING wrong with this shooting you can bet your life savings that Holder’s DOJ would have uncovered it.  But they didn’t.  Because it was a clean shoot.  A terrible incident, but one where the blame rested SOLELY with the deceased.

These comments should be immediately retracted and a sincere apology offered to Officer Darren Wilson.  But since both Warren and Harris are liberal media darlings, they don’t have a thing to worry about.  It is highly unlikely they will face a tough round of questioning from the reporters who follow their campaigns.  They check enough “Woke Boxes” to permit them to get away with most anything.

Being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry.  Even if you indirectly accuse someone of murder.

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