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Mueller Time leaves us with a giant hangover

Robert Mueller Named As Special Counsel On Russia ProbeThere is a reason I have written comparatively little on the Mueller Probe as opposed to, say, Brett Kavanaugh or the wonders of Democratic Socialism.  The entire episode has bored the hell out of me.

Yes I know it is MORE than significant that a sitting President was being investigated for possible collusion with a foreign entity in order to influence a US Presidential election.  But the genesis for all this felt wrong from the beginning.  The same people who called Donald Trump an insufferable buffoon would have us believe they were capable of coordinating a Spy-versus-Spy scheme that would confuse John Grisham.  The last two years of leaked information amounted to little more than a macabre Merry-Go-Round of innuendo/he said/they said/we think/they think/unconfirmed sources say horseshit.  It gave me a headache and made me drink beer.  Wait.  Scratch that last part.

I think there was enough smoke to justify the investigation.  Not a lot, but enough.  But I think it was clear to most folks early on that this was NOT going to produce the walk-off grand slam that Democrats wanted.  Of course, that didn’t stop political talking heads from yammering on like a coked-up auctioneer.  It also did not stop the more die-hard leftists from elevating Mueller to Demigod status.  For the last two years, whenever a proud member of the Resistance Army was confronted with uncomfortable facts, they were able to rock themselves to sleep with visions of indictment-bearing sugar plum fairies dancing in their heads.  I was thinking the whole time of what a letdown they were likely setting themselves up for.  No matter how many shitty tweets, impolitic statements or general inanity emerged from the White House, they were able to assuage themselves with this Ace in the Hole they were just SURE existed. Once again, I was right.

As expected, the report confirmed that Trump was a blundering fool in regards to understanding the way the Justice Department was supposed to work.  It showed that he was, at best, impolitic in the way he handled the whole affair.  Now.  Show of hands.  How many of you are surprised?  Now…more hands.  How many think that justifies impeachment?  Of course, that is entirely up to Congress now.  As it should be.  The Special Prosecutor investigates and submits his report to the DOJ, who then forwards it to Congress.  Now the choice is with House Democrats.  They can go shoulder-deep into the rabbit hole if they wish.  Or, they can convince Americans why we should vote FOR their candidate next year as opposed to AGAINST Trump.

I think a lot of the fuel behind this two year long effort was an attempt to justify the popular fanfiction that the 2016 Election was “hijacked.”  For a lot of people left-of-center, Trump being elected President was like Jethro Bodine being elected Pope.  To have the epitome of the brash, loudmouth American deny what you felt was Hillary Clinton’s birthright to break the two-century old Glass Ceiling was more than many could absorb.  A significant part of their coping was made possible by imagining dark agents at work in shadowy warehouses in Siberia, sharing Pepe the Frog memes in broken English.  How this translated into Hillary choosing not to campaign in Wisconsin still escapes me, but some of the more enterprising members of The Resistance seem to be comfortable with making the connection.

Occam’s Razor tells us that in most cases, the simplest answer is the correct one.  Face it, Democrats.  You lost fair and square.   You cast your net hoping for the Great White Whale. Instead, you’re sailing home with a handful of guppies.  It’s on days like this when I wish I actually *liked* Trump.  I can only imagine how happy I would feel.

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