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Everything is stupid

So let’s wrap up the week that was here in the Old Dominion.

Last Monday, Fairfax Delegate Kathy Tran argues for an abortion bill that is so vile even some pro-choicers were uncomfortable with it.  Ironically, the bill is effectively killed by a House Subcommittee.

Last Tuesday, Gov. Ralph Northam goes on a radio how and not only supports the bill, but takes it a disgusting step further by suggesting certain POST-BIRTH infants could also be eligible for abortion.

gov blackfaceFriday afternoon, we discover a yearbook photo that looks like it was taken in 1884…not 1984.  It is on Northam’s Medical School yearbook page. It shows someone wearing blackface and another person in a KKK robe and hood.

Friday evening, Northam apologizes for the photo while more-or-less admitting he was in it.  He didn’t tell us if he was the one with the tan or the white sheet. Enquiring minds are left to ponder.

Saturday morning, after an apparent change of heart, Northam decides he was NOT in the picture.  He then proceeds to hold one of the weirdest press conferences in modern American history.  It breaks cringe-o-meters from coast-to-coast.  He says he will NOT resign.  He admits to donning blackface in 1984…just not in that picture.  He says he participated in a “Michael Jackson Dance Contest” in San Antonio and “darkened his face.”  Seriously.

The highlight came near the end of the presser when a reporter asked about his ability to “Moonwalk,” and the Governor damned-near began an on-the-spot demonstration.  He should be forever grateful to his wife for putting the kibosh on THAT sh*tshow.

That got people to thinking about Virginia’s Lt-Governor.  That is usually the forgotten man in Virginia politics.  If you’ve ever seen the Lt-Governor’s office in Virginia it will underwhelm you to no end.  The Night Shift Manager at your local Kinko’s has more impressive digs.

The man occupying that seat is, befitting the office, a virtual unknown.  Justin Fairfax was elected in 2017 and has been largely invisible to the general public since then.  But people start paying attention to the Lt-Governor when the Governor is talking infanticide and threatening to Moonwalk off of a stage.  Over the past 72 hours we’re learning more about the 39-year old Fairfax…and we’re pining for Northam.

Yesterday we learned about sexual assault claims against Fairfax from his time as a staffer for John Edwards in 2004.  It amounts to little more than he said/she said. The most interesting thing is the revelation that the Washington Post (astonishingly) applied a fair level of journalistic discipline and decided NOT to run with the story when they first got it a year ago.  Would’ve been nice if those same standards had applied to similarly-uncorroborated claims made against a certain Supreme Court nominee last summer.  But I digress.

In an interview Sunday afternoon, Fairfax suggests Northam is to blame for the sexual assault claims coming out.  WOW!.  Evidently, that trial balloon was shot down by someone.  Because this morning, Fairfax hinted that Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney… who might run against him in 2021…is to blame.

I keep hoping Alan Funt will appear from behind a curtain and tell us we’ve been on Candid Camera and that none of this is real.  That our state leaders in Virginia are actually serious people who want what’s best for everyone.  Of course, for Millennials, I guess the equivalent would be Ashton Kutcher popping up and telling us “You’ve Been PUNKED!”

One good thing that has emerged from all of this is that we now know what constitutes a “bridge too far” for modern-day progressive.  Supporting genocide prompts them to circle the wagons.  Appearing in a racially-insensitive photo prompts them to sharpen their spears.

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