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Never trust skinny cooks or fat socialists

This is the #1 reason why my heart is stone when it comes to the Climate Change issue.  It’s most conspicuous proponents fly private jets to faraway lands in order to tell us rubes that WE are going to have to make major lifestyle changes in order to appease Gaia.


attenboroughThe naturalist Sir David Attenborough is the latest to wag his finger at the Hoi Polloi.  Yesterday, speaking at the opening ceremony of United Nations-sponsored climate talks in Poland, he called climate change, “humanity’s greatest threat in thousands of years.”  The shameless hyperbole didn’t end there.  Attenborough assured us that, “it could lead to the collapse of civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world”.


The UN’s own Climate Chief upped the ante, saying, ‘We require deep transformations of our economies and societies.’  And by “deep transformations” they mean for you and me…not for them.  Simply put… they believe all the world’s Climate-related problems can be solved by turning over substantially more wealth and control to the United Nations for redistribution.


This is one of the main reasons I mock the vanguard of the Climate Change movement.  The *only* solutions that are ever offered for the problems they assure us exist are solutions that would result in more government authority and less individual freedom.   It would hamstring Capitalism in general…and American Capitalism in particular.


Espousing collectivist horsesqueeze like this is plenty bad enough, rest assured.  But the same people who insist we tighten our belts fly around the world on private planes, are driven around in luxury SUV’s, and vacation on luxury yachts—all while demanding that we give up single family homes, use public transportation, and give all of our hard earned income to unelected bureaucrats and multi-national agencies.  Curiously, many of them also own coastal properties.  That seems a poor investment when you are expecting crippling increases in sea levels.  Unless…


I will gleefully tell these charlatans the same thing I tell grossly overweight people who insist that I diet.  “Kiss my hairy ass.”


Here is what I believe: 

Is Climate Change occurring?  Of course it is.  It has occurred since we’ve had a climate. 

Is the Earth getting warmer?  That would appear to be the case.

Is man contributing to it?  Our very existence means we are contributing in some way.

Are we making it worse?  Yes.  And when I take a piss in the ocean that causes sea levels to rise.  I don’t think it’s very much, though.


The Earth has warmed and cooled for five billion years…with and without humans.  Since we started plodding along the planet, humans have made adjustments to deal with these changes.  Prior adjustments did not require granting authority to overseas entities.  It usually involved moving our shit a few hundred feet inland.


I think it is the height of hubris to assume that we can have a meaningful impact on the climate of this beautiful blue marble.  Yes, we can be an annoyance.  Yes, we can dirty the water and the air.  That’s bad.  But we have put in place laws to deal with such things.  Oddly enough, the large industrialized nations that have few-or-no laws are the ones that are spewing lots of CO2.  Perhaps if I saw some domestic concern from them I would be willing to lend an ear.


I am not a scientist.  I am just a regular ham-and-egger.  But I also have a reflexive distrust of authority.  The only people to whom I have ever surrendered authority are dead and gone.  Experience has taught me that government does NOT have my best interests in mind.  It has further taught me that this is DOUBLY true when the people who insist that I and my peers bear the brunt of change pay no price for being wrong.  You don’t need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows.


For those of you who worship Climate Science and the Government controls that it covets, bullshit hyperbole like the kind that erupted in Poland yesterday is not going to move me.  It tells me you are unserious.  It tells me you are playing to people’s emotions and fears.  I already do not trust you.  Acting as though you are the keeper of the gateway that separates bliss from misery is a sure-fire way to get me to ignore you—at best. 


It may surprise you to know that I am NOT in favor of dirty water and filthy air.  But I have seen what narrowly-targeted and specific regulations can do to help ameliorate the problem.  I have also seen the loss of liberty that comes when governments decide to abandon those principles and push broad policies that make people feel good—but do little to address the problem.


I have been and will continue to be sharply critical of President Donald Trump. But one of the most endearing things he has done is to remove Climate Change from the place it had in our national agenda under the previous administration.  If I have to endure a few silly tweet in exchange for a President who tells the UN to go to hell when they demand tribute to appease the Climate Gods, I will call it a fair trade.


Oh and there’s something else.  The Daily Signal reports the UN climate summit will emit more CO2 than 8,200 American homes do in a year.  Sounds like we could have made a dent in this issue if these putzes had stayed home and read a book.

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