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Paris is burning. Will big government aficionados get the message?

It looks like there may be a few spunky liberty-lovers left in Europe after all.

paris is burningA fuel tax increase to help fight climate change has sent Parisians to the streets the past several days. The riots were specifically sparked by a 30-cent gas tax hike imposed to fight climate change.  Keep in mind that in France (and Europe) you buy gas in “liters”, i.e., quarts (approximately). So that “30 cent increase” is actually $1.10 / gallon. Yellow-vested protestors say the riots aren’t just about the fuel tax increase, but a response to all of French President Macron’s “liberal reforms.”

Paris police say 133 have been injured and 412 arrested during France’s worst urban riot in years. French President Emmanuel Macron, the man with all of the wonderful ideas on how government can make people’s lives perfect, is considering an emergency crackdown.

Of course these protests, coming as they do against the specter of Big Government, are being predictably sanitized by the US Mainstream Media. Last night, the CBS Evening News managed to go through a whole segment on the Paris riots without mentioning the reasons behind them. CNN did them one better, blaming increasing gas prices not on President Macron’s Climate Change boondoggle; but rather rising oil prices. But oil prices are actually falling worldwide, witness the recent declines at the pump here in the US. But no one will bother to fact-check the fact-checkers. You’ll have to rely on me.

If such riots can happen in Europe, whose population has largely surrendered to the idea of Big Government having an invasive role in people’s day-to-day lives, what do you think the response might be here in the US of A? Americans are not going to accept higher gasoline prices and lower living standards to fight the mythical dragon of climate change.

For those of you who are genuinely concerned about the environment and want common-sense legislation and regulations to deal with it, we can break bread.  Targeted and specific regulations have done wonders to remove smog and clean up waterways.  But the Climate Change crowd is asking for a blank check.  (Or, since we’re talking about France, a carte blanche).  Their more militant elements are willing to surrender our economic autonomy in order to battle the demons that they say exist.

I hope there is no more violence and no more injuries in the French riots.  But I also hope that their government gets the message loud and clear.  And I hope the new majority in the US House of Representatives is also watching and taking notes.

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  1. Steve Adkins says:

    And for Petes sake when you break bread please think BIG picture especially when it comes to renewable “green” energy. Example: a Tesla model 3 is getting between 3-4 miles per kilowatt hour of charging depending on driving habits. With a daily commute of 20 miles, the Tesla uses 7 kilowatt hours or almost the same amount required for a small home.
    So for every Tesla on the road, another home is added to the grid. And that doesn’t take into account the extra energy consumed building a Tesla vs. a Petro vehicle or the longevity of the batteries or their disposal.


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