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Women and Children and the Narrative.

When I first saw the pictures purportedly showing a mother and children fleeing from the Tijuana Border crossing yesterday, I KNEW that most of the mainstream media would use it to accompany their subsequent stories.  It is the same feeling I get when the Detroit Tigers go to their bullpen.  I know our two-run deficit is about to get worse.  I was not disappointed.


border 2018

Like the singular hive mind they represent, the legacy media outlets dutifully ran the “shocking” pictures as part of their main stories chronicling yesterday’s events.  They even skillfully avoided the reason behind the tear gas in their headlines.  The Washington Post upped the ante by quoting someone at the scene who pulled all of the right emotional heartstrings.  “Barefoot Diapered Children choking on tear gas.”  I guess I should be thankful they didn’t superimpose a picture of a Nazi officer firing the gas.


Here’s the problem. There WERE able bodied young men in the area…dozens of them…storming the fence and throwing rocks at border agents.  That is what prompted the tear gas.  It did not materialize out of thin air for no good reason.  It didn’t happen because border agents wanted to see how quickly a woman could run while carrying children.


Curiously, it is more-or-less than same response to an incident in 2015 when 100 migrants stormed the border fence and threw rocks.  The only difference was the agents in that case used pepper spray and not tear gas.  Since Obama was in the White House at the time, we were spared pictures of women and children being in the line of fire.  As a matter of fact, the entire incident was not played up at all in the mainstream media.


But with Donald Trump as President, perpetuating the narrative means that the media has to make it appear that evil border guards are tear-gassing poor little mothers and their diaper-wearing children.


border 20182Fortunately, Reuters got the story right.  Their accompanying photo (pictured, left) shows some of the actions that prompted the tear gas. I don’t see any diapers.  I see lots of young men doing things that routinely result in a response of some sort.  I strongly suspect similar actions at most of the world’s other defended borders would have generated a similar result.


This makes “Wag the Dog” looks like principled journalism.  And I will keep pointing it out. The Mainstream Media is now an open advocate for progressive ideals.  I could flood you with hundreds of examples FAR more egregious than these. The American Mainstream Media has gleefully and willingly abandoned their position as the Fourth Estate.  What we are left with, as news consumers, is more responsibility than ever.


In order for us to arrive at any place resembling “truth,” the onus is now squarely on our shoulders to be wise consumers of information.  I am more than willing to do that for myself.  I fear others are not.

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