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Chuck’s Common Sense endorsement. Virginia Senate Race.


Well here we go…the coveted 2018 endorsements from Chuck’s Common Sense. I managed to piss off people from all across the political spectrum with my endorsement in the 2016 Presidential race…and there’s an even-money chance that there is something in here that will put a burr under your saddle.


evan-mcmullin-twitter(Editors note:  I have never regretted a protest vote more than mine for Evan McMullin. He went from a predictable conservative to someone who’s very soul is dictated by abject hatred Donald Trump.  If I had to do it over again, I would write in Eugene Krabbs.  Fiscal Conservatism at its finest!!)


I’ll limit my actual endorsements to the races in which I can vote.  That leaves me two.  Virginia Senate and U.S. House of Representatives (5th District-Virginia).  Today, we’ll focus on the upper chamber.


The Senate race has been a downright disappointment to me.  It started back during the nomination process. In Nick Freitas the Republicans had a golden opportunity to nominate an actual conservative who seems to at least fathom the concept of limited government.  I’ve been impressed by his stances in the Virginia General Assembly; most notably his unapologetic support of individual guns rights, while simultaneously railing against the petty politics that seem to govern the side which favors stricter gun controls.


Of course, Freitas eschewed some of the more red-meat issues like immigration, the Confederate Flag, and touting ways to make Virginia Great Again.  And in the age of Trump, such principled focus is punished at the primary polls.


Because of the open registration we have in Virginia there is no way to know how many ardent Democrats voted for Corey Stewart in the primary.  I suspect there were a few.  But I also suspect that Stewart did indeed have substantial support from a highly-energized and active segment of the GOP.  In short, the “establishment” candidate prefers a nominating convention—the “firebrand” wants a primary.  The 2018 Republican Senate Nomination process shows us why.


Much like I did with Donald Trump after it became clear he was to become the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee, I have given Corey Stewart every chance to win me over.  Considering who he is running against, I can imagine few easier tasks.  He has failed.  His campaign has been more-or-less what I and many others suspected.


Ordinarily, people from Minnesota offering unsolicited opinions about what a southerner should think about things earns them a fat hairy middle finger from me.  But there are a sizeable number of people whom I respect who seem receptive to Stewart’s views.


Let’s recap.  Late last year, Stewart resurrected the ridiculous birther claims about former President Obama.  Earlier this year, when the House of Delegates voted to expand Medicaid, Stewart led an event outside the Capitol where he held up rolls of toilet paper and called Republicans who voted for the measure “flaccid” and “garbage”. He later told the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Stewart replied, “I’m suggesting I feel sorry for their wives.”   A penis joke.  Stay classy, Corey.


Stewart has also offered praise and support for idiots like Paul Nehlen and Jason Kessler—the co-organizer of the ill-fated White Supremacist march in Charlottesville.  He backed off his support of these two during the Senate campaign, obviously following the advice of handlers who saw this as a major political albatross.


In short, Stewart sounds like a poor man’s Trump.  Except I think Stewart actually believes his bullshit.  If he is NOT a White Nationalist he certainly keeps that group a little too close for comfort.


Here is the bottom line.  I do not support candidates. I support ideas and ideals. Most of the time, for me, those ideas and ideals more closely sync up with the Republican candidate in a given election. That will not be the case in this week’s Senate race.   I’m not going to vote for Stewart—nor will I be voting for the reliably-liberal Tim Kaine.


matt watersMy vote will be cast for Libertarian Matt Waters.  Much like Evan McMullin, he will lose.  Hopefully he won’t go batspit crazy in the subsequent months like McMullin did.  Once again I will use the opportunity afforded to me by Republicans who seem to think that they can nominate anyone with a pulse and secure my undying support…to remind them that this is NOT the case.


Please check out his website and make up your mind.


“The tyrant today is not a king in England, our tyrant today is a massive welfare-warfare state funded by the Republican and Democrat Parties. The tyrant is invasive, the tyrant takes your money, the tyrant disregards your property and human life, and the tyrant is bankrupting our America.”


Tomorrow, the coveted Chuck’s Common Sense endorsement in the Fifth District Congressional Race!

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