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Words mean things

Language Alert:


We’ve seen for years the intentional softening of the language regarding those who illegally enter the US.  It was not an accident, but rather a means by which language is used to steer the debate in a particular direction.  It is sneaky and disingenuous, but it is VERY effective.


Asylum-seekers-line-up-at-US-Mexico-border-780x405Years ago, we were told not to call them “illegal aliens.”  That was replaced with “illegal immigrants.”  Later, when the time was right, that was softened to “undocumented immigrants.”


More recently, those arguing for liberal immigration policies dropped the adjectives all together and referred to them as only “immigrants.”  This was HIGHLY misleading, and allowed the left to portray those who supported more stringent immigration laws as opposed to ALL immigrants.  This was, of course, their intent.


The latest development is meant to move the bar even further by dropping “immigrant.”   They are now “asylum seekers.”  Never mind that you cannot legally request asylum when you entered the US illegally.  Those requests can only be made at a Port of Entry.


This, of course, allows the debate to be framed like this:  “Why are you opposed to families escaping evil regimes to seek sanctuary in the greatest country on earth?!?  You WANT them to die, don’t you?!?”


Over the span of less than a generation we’ve gone from “illegal aliens” to “asylum seekers.”  And it didn’t happen in one fell swoop.  Those who intentionally manipulate the language are patient.  In this case, their patience has paid off.


Don’t believe it?  How often is the phrase “illegal alien” used in a story by a Mainstream Media outlet?


This isn’t the only debate where language has been used to manipulate thoughts.  Several years ago, the Associated Press updated its Style Guide to encourage reporters to call terrorists, “insurgents” or “militants.”   My personal favorite was “opposition leaders.”  It was and is the nexus of a conscious effort by the mainstream media to advance the orthodox liberal narrative.  Nothing more.


Words have meanings. George Carlin put it best. We think in language. When we process thoughts, concepts and ideas; our brain utilizes language to make it happen. It is NOT a stretch to claim that if someone can control your speech, they can (in effect) control your thoughts. I will ALWAYS oppose such efforts.

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