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Trump-light vs. Hillary-light in Virginia Senate race

poison drinkStop me if you’ve heard this before.  Republicans nominate a controversial candidate to run against an entrenched liberal Democrat, and ‘ol Chucky is left wondering what to do.  Hmmm…the dude pictured to the left might be exploring a valid option.


I won’t use this to re-hash my thought processes for the 2016 Presidential Election.  As most of you know, I simply couldn’t stomach a vote for Donald Trump and a vote for Hillary Clinton was out of the question.  I went third party.  I *will* say that I have been more pleased with Trump’s Presidency than I originally expected.  Now if we could just get him to see the light on International Trade.  But that’s a column for another day.


Corey StewartHere in the great Commonwealth of Virginia, voters yesterday nominated Corey Stewart in the GOP Senate primary.  He narrowly defeated Nick Frietas, a former Green Beret and member of the Virginia House of Delegates.  In Virginia, voters do not have to register by party affiliation, so there is no way to prevent Democrats from voting in a Republican primary.  Whether or not Democrats impacted the totals yesterday will never be truly determined, but will undoubtedly be the source of much speculation.


As for Stewart…let’s just say he’s controversial.  He has long been called a hard-conservative.  Which is fine.  But his brand of conservativism includes the social side.  That’s bad.  That’s anti-liberty.


Late last year, Stewart resurrected the ridiculous birther claims about former President Obama.


Earlier this year, when the House of Delegates voted to expand Medicaid, Stewart led an event outside the Capitol where he held up rolls of toilet paper and called Republicans who voted for the measure “flaccid” and “garbage”. He later told the Richmond Times-Dispatch,  “I’m suggesting I feel sorry for their wives.”  Wow.  A penis joke.  Stay classy, Corey.


Stewart has also offered praise and support for idiots like Paul Nehlen and Jason Kessler—the co-organizer of the ill-fated White Supremacist march in Charlottesville.  He has backed off his support of these two during the Senate campaign, obviously following the advice of handlers who see this as a major political albatross.


In short, Stewart sounds like a poor man’s Trump.  Except I think Stewart actually believes his bullshit.  If he is NOT a White Nationalist he certainly keeps that group a little too close for comfort.


Much like many accused me of “sour grapes” in 2016 when Ted Cruz lost the GOP nomination, I’m hearing the same thing now.  Not true.  If Nick Frietas had lost to a NON-crazy Republican, I would likely have supported that NON-crazy Republican in the General Election.  But that didn’t happen.


Long story short—I do not support candidates. I support ideas and ideals. Most of the time, for me, those ideas and ideals most closely sync up with the Republican candidate in a given election. That will not be the case in this fall’s Senate race.   I’m not going to vote for a White Nationalist…nor for an enthusiastic abortion supporter.


Now, my fellow Virginians, let us gird our loins for five-months of revenge porn that will somewhat resemble a political campaign.  The Age of Stupid is about to get a lot stupider.

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