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As the Summit Turns…

I despise haggling.  I loathe bargaining.  As a left-brained introvert the thought of negotiation with another entity makes me break out in a cold sweat.  Mr. Car dealer; just tell me the price of the damned SUV and I’ll decide if I want to buy it.  No need to bring in 18-level, five-dimensional chess sales strategies.  I’m not listening.  As such I am probably not the best person to analyze the on-again, off-again North Korean summit.

unThis morning, President Trump sent North Korea’s leader a “Dear Jong” letter, saying he was pulling out of the summit based on comments made by Dear Leader last week.  Evidently, threatening nuclear warfare puts a crimp in plans to talk about de-nuclearization.  Who knew?

The two socio-political tribes have already stakes out their territories.  Trumpkins are hailing the President’s genius.  “It’s the Art of the Deal, Baby!”  “He’s playing chess, they’re playing checkers!”   Conversely, those in the third phase of Trump Derangement Syndrome offered somewhat different opinions.  “What a rank amateur!”  “The cancellation later sounds childish!”  “North Korea still has all of its nuclear weapons!”  “He accomplished nothing!”

Of course, the cancellation today came hours after North Korea evidently destroyed one of their nuclear development sites…and a couple of weeks after they released three American prisoners.  If we’re keeping score, clearly the U.S. is out to an early lead.

Still, the whole Glengarry Glen Ross vibe interests me about as much as a square dancing competition.  I’ll go back to what I said when our former President was negotiating with Iran.  If I do not trust the other side, then any accord we may reach is meaningless to me.  As long as we don’t send a C-130 filled with 20-dollar bills to Pyongyang, I’ll focus my attention on important stuff.  Like next week’s Stanley Cup Finals. Which, to the best of my knowledge, will NOT involve any square dancing.

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