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Political Correctness Kills

Simply put, this is one of the most horrifying things I have ever read in my life.  Not just because of what happened, which was plenty enough evil in and of itself.  But also because of the crippling and cowardly mindset that allowed these atrocities to continue for years on end, crushing thousands of lives in the process.


PROD-The-street-pastors-and-police-outside-Club-Crush-OakengateedsThe scene is the United Kingdom.  London’s Sunday Mirror reported yesterday that an official investigation into systemic abuse in the city of Telford wasn’t launched until roughly a decade after authorities first learned of it.  The report shows British authorities failed to meaningfully address child prostitution epidemic that claimed as many as 1,000 victims over the past three decades.   (Picture courtesy Sunday Mirror).


Girls as young as 11 were drugged, beaten, and raped.  Evidently, local authorities became aware of the scale of the problem in the 1990s, but an official investigation was not launched until more than a decade later.


Why the delay?  Telford has a large immigrant Muslim population.  This ring was operating within the insular confines the immigrants had apparently carved out for themselves in the mid-sized English city.  The report makes no bones about it.  Political Correctness was the main reason.


Put bluntly, police avoided sharing information about the abusers with Telford’s Islamic community for fear of being called racist. Social workers in the town, meanwhile, treated the victims as “prostitutes,” according to police records.


I want you to fully grasp what they are saying.  British police were worried that looking further into the initial reports of Child Sexual Exploitation would expose members of the town’s Muslim population.  Because they were worried about potential charges of racism, they allowed little girls to be raped, drugged, beaten and sold for YEARS!!  The fear of being labeled “Islamophobic” was greater than their outrage over young girls being raped and (in at least one case) murdered.


Rest assured this was plenty bad enough.  But this is not the only British city that has been impacted by Muslim child sex trafficking rings.  There were high profile cases the past decade in Rochdale and Rotherham.  Even though those cases were well-publicized, authorities in Telford dragged their feet in their investigation, evidently alarmed at the prospect of looking like racists because the perpetrators were Islamic.


This is why I fight the odious concept of political correctness.  It is not good manners.  It is not mere niceties.  It is a paralyzing form of intellectual cowardice.  If you see something terrible happening, but fear of being branded a racist prevents you from acting; then your soul has been poisoned by Political Correctness.  I fear the people in the UK (and a good part of Europe, for that matter) have become so inculcated by the preachings of the Church of Political Correctness that they will overlook most any evil, lest they be accused of the monstrous crime of racism.


Do you think I’m exaggerating?  Witness the response to a series of sexual attacks at the New Year’s Day festival in Cologne-Germany in 2016.  Their Police Chief intentionally held off releasing timely information on the nature of the assaults; along with potentially-crucial information on the nature of the attackers. He said it would be “politically awkward.” Why the delay? The rapists were described as coming from a known criminal gang of around 1,000 young men of “north African or Middle Eastern decent.” The translation there is “Muslim.”  In the true spirit of Political Correctness, Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker advised women to keep “more than an arm’s length” from unknown men. Perhaps gunning them down would not have been sufficiently PC.


And it’s more than just government officials.  Germany’s largest TV station also apologized for not releasing information on the attacks in a timely manner. It went unreported for four days.  Timely information about a gang of rapists on the prowl was sacrificed at the altar of political correctness. People were denied a chance of learning what was going on in a timely manner for fear of not insulting certain people’s sensibilities.  Given the vague timeline we will never know if any of these rapes could have been prevented with quick information turnaround. But authorities in Germany apparently felt so cowed by the PC bullies that they demurred releasing ANY information until it reached critical mass.


I honestly cannot believe that there are people out there…many of them…in major positions of power…who are so cowed at the prospect of being hit with the “racist” label that they are willing to close their eyes to most any atrocity.  Think of the otherwise-decent German citizens who turned a blind eye in the early-to-mid 1930’s in order to avoid uncomfortable labels that others might attach to them.


Those people are ancillary victims of Political Correctness.  If I may get maudlin for a moment, they have sacrificed their souls at the PC altar and are willing to accept an untold amount of suffering in others so long as those PC Gods are properly appeased.


This is why I fight Political Correctness.  It doesn’t stop with altering your lexicon and your vocabulary.


  1. nobody says:

    The executive summary of the report does not agree with your premise. Issues of ethnicity are discussed and make up about 3% of the report.


    Click to access independent_inquiry_cse_in_rotherham.pdf

    Cherry picking data to fit a worldview/agenda won’t help kids.


  2. Cherry picking or not, what is wrong is wrong.


    • Agreed.

      It was wrong for this group to kidnap, rape, and sell young girls for prostitution.

      And it was wrong for authorities to look the other way because they were afraid of being branded “racist.”

      Glad we agree.


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