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Enjoy your crumbs, peasants!!

In their zeal to denigrate all-things-Trump, the left and the Mainstream Media (Sorry for repeating myself) have adopted the interesting strategy of telling people that a thousand dollars is not that big of a deal.


The condescension was flowing freely from the Twitter account of noted NBC hack Katy Tur today.  She covered a Town Hall event in Ohio and quoted several people who had plans on what they wanted to do with one-thousand dollar bonuses they were getting from their employers…bonuses that the employers are attributing to the recent tax cut.  One said he’s going to save to start a family with his 1,000 dollar one time bonus. Tur gleefully linked a study which showed the average cost of having a baby, pointing out that in Ohio it comes out to nearly $6,000.  I suppose that means this gentleman should abandon all hopes of becoming a father.


The execrable Tur wasn’t done.


katy tur



Where do I begin?  Let’s start practically.  If I were saving money to have a child, build a house, pay for college, etc.; am I wrong celebrating a bonus that puts me a little closer to the goal?  Should I abandon those dreams because the bonus doesn’t completely pay for them?  Of course not.  So what is her point here?  Apart from “If Trump likes it, it must be bad,” I don’t see any reason for pointing out such things.  I feel quite confident the woman quoted was not expecting to close on a house or pay for four years of college with her thousand-dollar bonus; hence her use of the word “help.”


This is condescending hubris, fueled by Trump derangement.  A normal person would not denigrate someone else who is excited to get a bonus.  A well-adjusted person would feel no compulsion to ridicule someone who was excited about the prospect of putting money away for a long-term goal.  A member of a truly “fair and unbiased media” would never abandon all common sense and common decency in order to push a narrative designed to attack a politician they do not like.


Mrs, Tur, please don’t tell me that you are so disconnected from reality that you do not recognize that a thousand dollars is very meaningful to most working families. No. I think you fully realize it.  But to acknowledge it is to give tacit approval of a policy championed by a President you despise.  You will die and go to hell before you allow that to happen, won’t you Katy?


Yes, the media and Democrats are REALLY arguing that bonuses and pay raises are crumbs that mean nothing to people. “Hey!  You’re stupid to think keeping more of your money is a good thing” is an interesting talking point as we head into the mid-term elections.  I’m sure Republicans are smiling.  When your opponent is making a major mistake, the last thing you want to do is stop them.

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