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Bad Cops, Bad Cops.

While we have hundreds of heroic law enforcement officers who have saved countless lives in Texas this past week, we also have some who have no right to wear a badge.  Indeed, they have no right to be in a position of authority over any other human being on the planet.  Yet, they have a gun.  They have power.  And they have colleagues who are not willing to step up when they are doing wrong and tell them that, no—they do NOT have the power to do wrong.

This happened on July 26th but was just brought to life this past week because of the way the investigative process has turned.   You can watch the full video here:


wubbelsDetective Jeff Payne was trying to get a blood sample from William Gray, a man who had been injured in an accident caused by a suspect named Marcos Torres. Cops had been chasing Torres when he crashed into Gray’s truck. Torres was killed while Gray was seriously injured. After being taken to the hospital for treatment, Gray was sedated.

Alex Wubbels, who competed under her maiden name at the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics, was the charge nurse on duty at the hospital at the time.  She refused to let Payne draw blood.  She correctly pointed to the hospital’s policy, which was negotiated with the police department one year prior.  That negotiation was based on a Supreme Court ruling which prohibits law enforcement from drawing blood from a person who is:

  1. Not able to give consent.

  2. Is not under arrest.

  3. Is not the subject of a court order.


When the asshole detective approached the nurse, she calmly informed him of the policy.  Then she asked the baby-with-a-badge to wait as she contacted her supervisor.  While her supervisor explained to the SS officer what the policy was, someone else printed out a copy of the policy for Detective Dickhead to read.  It was not enough.  Throughout the negotiating process, this under-endowed Beta Boy kept assuring the imminently-professional nurse that “I am going to arrest you.”  And “You’re going to jail.”

After a time, the petty little girly-man had had enough.  His fatherhood-induced insecurities would no longer allow someone to question his “authoritah!”  He pounced on the much smaller woman and arrested her…despite her protestations…leaving her in a police car for 20 minutes.

Wubbels, of course, was never charged.  That’s because adults intervened and told Detective short-cock that his arrest was bogus.  That he was simply acting like the petulant child that he is.

To her credit, Wubbels has avoided the temptation to sue the ever-loving-hell out of the Salt Lake City Police Department and the city in general.  But because they have simply placed this troubled Detective on Administrative Leave, and not kicked his sorry arse to the curb; I expect a suit is forthcoming.

And to the myriad of officers who were at the scene…who were watching one of your “brother officers” go apoplectic over a private citizen commiting the unpardonable sin of explaining what the law actually says…I hope you suffer in some way.  I hope your professional careers are compromised in some way because you decided NOT to do the right thing when the moment of truth arrived.

And to you, Detective Jeff Payne.  You are a bad human.  You deserve to be beaten.  You deserve to be mocked.  You deserve to have everything for which you stand to crumble before your very eyes. My only regret is that I won’t be there to see it when it happens.  You besmirch the reputation of my friends and brothers who serve in law enforcement.  Until you show contrition, I will never forgive you.

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