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An Ignorant Super-Majority

should the governmentA new Associated Press poll released today shows 62% of Americans surveyed think health care coverage for all Americans is a federal responsibility.  That’s nearly a super-majority.  You can’t get that many to say yes-or-no to the question, “Is a Hot Dog a sandwich?”  (It’s not…but I digress.)


I am nearly ready to give up.  How do you fight such widespread ignorance?  Yes, I said ignorant.  You are ignorant of the notion of limited government and Federalism if you believe the Federal Government has a proper role in making sure everyone has health insurance.  I would say the same thing if you believed it was government’s role to make sure everyone had food, clothes, shelter, water and fidget-spinners.  Anything someone has to provide for you is not a “right.”


This is deeper than just the heroin dished out under the name “Obamacare.”  I and many others correctly feared that once this monstrosity was in place, it’s most insidious long-term impact would be strengthening the poisonous notion that the Government IS responsible for your health care.  Once that’s established, then the question is no longer “if,” but rather, “how?”


I was hoping that the utterly predictable collapse of Obamacare would open the eyes of many people to the natural pratfalls of trying to use central state control policies in place of natural market forces.  Let’s be honest.  Nearly every dire prediction made seven years ago by ACA opponents has come true.  Concurrently, nearly every prediction made by its supporters has failed to materialize.


But of course, this is a Pyrrhic victory.  Obamacare has done nothing if not strengthen the people’s resolve that government MUST do these things for us.   That will, unfortunately, be its legacy.  And it will be difficult for freedom-loving people to overcome.  Programs can be gutted—but mindsets must evolve.  And it is exceedingly difficult to convince someone who feels they are entitled to something that they are not.

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