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Take THAT, Patriarchy!

One of the many pieces of delicious, industrial-strength Schadenfreude I experienced during last year’s Presidential Election returns was hearing Hillary Clinton’s ex post facto plans for a victory celebration.  It appears she was confident of enough that her team had put together a show that would have rivaled Super Bowl halftimes.

As I understand it, the ceiling of the arena she was using for her Victory Party was going to be illuminated with holograms depicting a glass ceiling…a glass ceiling that would then “shatter” as Hillary took to the podium to claim her rightful spot as the first-ever female President in American history.  I’m sure there were other stimulating artistic efforts planned that night to remind of us of Hillary’s gender—but we were mercifully spared.

KarenHandelWe had a much smaller glass ceiling shatter Tuesday, on a rainy night in Georgia.  For the first time in Peach State history, a Republican woman was elected to Congress.  But she will unlikely be hailed as a shatterer of ceilings by orthodox feminists.  That’s because Karen Handel (pictured, left) is a Republican.  And to feminists, she doesn’t matter.

The race for Georgia’s Sixth District got unprecedented national attention in the wake of last fall’s surprising Presidential returns.  Democrats saw a chance to pick up a seat in a district that Donald Trump carried by only a slender margin in November.  They spent heavily in an earlier primary to ensure a run-off—then spent like a horny, drunken sailor on shore-leave during the runoff.  $25 million—the vast majority from donors in California.  I guess they felt a poor southern state needed an economic stimulus.

The Democrat’s Great White Male Hope was a predictably milquetoast stuffed suit.  He was young, photogenic and energetic and said all the right party-approved things.  The fact that he didn’t live in the district seemed not to dissuade the party—despite Georgia’s long history of not cottoning well to carpetbaggers.  John Ossoff is neither fish nor fowl…he did little to distinguish himself from his opponent other than assuring voters, “I’m not Trump.”  A strategy that failed miserably for Clinton last fall failed again…and by a slightly greater margin.

Despite Handel’s place in Georgia political history, we will not hear calls for her likeness on a postage stamp or a silver dollar anytime soon.  To the right—she is more than just a woman.  She is a member of Congress.  And that is plenty.  But to the left, the ones who likes to lionize famous “firsts,” she represents everything they despise.  The very idea that a woman can achieve great things without endorsing the political left repudiates everything modern-day feminists stand for.

In short, feminists do NOT care about women.  Well, not half of the women.   Think of it this way.  I couldn’t exactly call myself a “man of the people” if I hated 50% of the population, could I?  I guess I could—but I would be a liar.  Or a feminist.

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