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One Year Later, the Attempted Narrative Continues:

the pulseThe unspeakably tragic mass shooting last year at The Pulse, a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, represented a unique challenge for those who make their living in the Professional Grievance Industry.  365 days later, the struggle over establishing and perpetuating their preferred narrative continues. And Common Sense is still taking it on the chin.

During his Press Conference the day after the shooting, former President Obama reluctantly admitted that it was indeed an “act of terror.”  But he also made sure to remind us that there was no definitive word on the motivations of the killer.   This, of course, was after we had learned that Omar Mateen had made a call to 911 to swear allegiance to ISIS while gunning down 49 people.  That wasn’t QUITE enough for the leader of the free world to pin down the motive.  Neither was the fact that ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for the massacre.  Nope.  According to the President, the motive remained elusive.

In perusing my news feed this morning, it appears this same attempt to look past the herd of elephants stomping about the room is continuing.  Yes, there have been touching stories about the victims, the club’s owner and frequent patrons and others that have helped put a human face on this tragedy.  But the mainstream media stories have skillfully avoided touching on the stated motivations of the killer.

In the immediate aftermath last year, purveyors of The Narrative© tried desperately to control the discussion.  Making it about Radical Islamic Terrorism was verboten of course.  But they had two other options that they quickly seized upon.  The attack suddenly became about homophobia and the need for Gun Control.  A two-for-one deal!  The ridiculous push to prevent people on the No Fly List from purchasing guns was renewed.  Fortunately, cooler and more Constitutional heads prevailed.

The zest to control The Narrative© slipped into the sublime in the days after the shooting.  You’ll recall last year the Department of Justice released a heavily-redacted and partial transcript of Mateen’s 911 call.  It came a day after Attorney General Loretta Lynch promised to release a partial transcript that would eliminate references to the groups to whom Omar Marteen was pledging allegiance. If someone had released a parody, I don’t know how it would be any different than the way this actually played out. When reality gets in the way of your narrative, redact or omit it.

The FBI had a legendarily stupid reason as to why they were releasing such pablum. “We’re trying to prevent future acts from happening.” As though if they remove the words “Allah” and “ISIS” existence, no one will *ever* know what happened.  Do you think, for one millisecond, that if this were a White Fundamentalist Christian that had shot up a gay nightclub that the Obama Administration would have redacted references to “Jesus” in the 911 calls? This is what happens when George Orwell is your co-pilot.

Social observers like me knew that someone was bound to break on the Social Justice Warrior’s twin support of the Gay and Muslim communities.  These who strictly adhere to Islamic theology in regards to homosexuality are offered little choice.  Gays are not just to be condemned, but they are also subject to violence—or worse.  This was bound not to end well, and we were wondering on whose side the SJW community would land.  They’ve made it clear.  They did as the former President famously said in a book.  They “sided with Muslims should the political winds turn in an ugly direction.”

This also made it abundantly clear to the gay community that your real enemies are not bakers who refuse to make a cake for your wedding.

In the great scheme of things, I know a year is not a long period of time and I was probably foolish to think that it would make a difference in the manner by which we soberly look at facts and draw proper conclusions.  But a man can always root for Common Sense to win, can’t he?

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