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For The Love of All That Is Decent—Shut Up, Hillary:

Honestly, I get tired of pointing out what a loathsome sack of protoplasm Hillary Clinton is.  It makes shooting fish in a barrel seem like climbing Mount Everest on your hands while blindfolded.  It’s just not sporting.



hillary gameIf we needed any more reminders of what a loathsome bag of protoplasm Clinton is, we got it today.  In an interview at Recode’s Code Conference this afternoon, the disgraced former Democratic Presidential nominee stayed true to the playbook she’s employed since emerging from her far-too-brief exile.  That’s right.  She blamed everything and everyone but herself for her Herculean failure last fall.  To her credit, though, she did add a couple of more entities to the Crosshairs of Her Tears.


In addition to the Media, Debate moderators and Misogyny; Clinton found a new enemy today.  The DNC.  Clinton whined, “I get the nomination… I inherent nothing from the” party. She added, “It was bankrupt.”  The unlovable loser said the DNC’s data operation was “mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong.”  It should be noted that was the same DNC that powered Barack Obama to two consecutive Electoral College victories…but they SUCKED for her.  I guess Debbie Wasserman-Schultz can now tell us what the bottom of that bus looks like.


There was more—most notably the reliable Russia/Wikileaks/Comey troika.  This reprehensible wretch had the audacity to call the furor over her private e-mail server a “big nothingburger.”  She went through the expense and calculation of setting up her own e-mail system in order to have 100% control over information, and it’s NOT that big a deal.  Wow.  Fortunately the voting public largely disagreed with her conclusion.


Very soon, we are going to find Clinton sitting in a rocking chair on a front porch, taking slugs straight out of a fifth of Old Crow, screaming at passersby, “I got more votes!! I SHOULD BE THE F#$%ING PRESIDENT!!!”


Clinton is the antithesis of the strong, accomplished & capable woman she was portrayed to be.  I have made my misgivings about Donald Trump well-known—but thank you Jesus Hillary is #NotMyPresident.

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