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How Badly Do You Want to Win?

manchesterPresident Trump this morning called those who carried out the Manchester Bombings “Evil Losers.”  I can think of a few other pejoratives for people who purposefully target little girls attending a music concert, but decorum prevents me from sharing them here.

You can moan about the inelegance of the President’s remark, or you can remember what happened following large terrorist attacks under our former President; when we would constantly be urged not to judge people, lest we make them angry enough to do something like…you know…kill us.

This is a marked improvement.

The first rule of warfare is to properly identify your enemy.  You cannot hope to win unless you can successfully do that.

How we successfully execute this war is a trickier question.  In this case, the enemy (ISIS) is an ideology, not a traditional army.  They don’t do us the favor of wearing differently-colored uniforms to make them easy to identify.  The theory goes that you can kill the army, but the ideological pressures that formed the army will remain.

I disagree…and there is history on my side. In the 1930s, a nationalistic fervor blossomed in Germany, producing a theory of Nazism. Concurrently, the island nation of Japan was seeing the fusion of their Bushido culture, mixed with a dash of Emperor worship. The results were not pretty,

To combat these two poisonous ideologies we did not offer them counseling, a jobs program, reparations, excuses or anything else. We did not concern ourselves with not saying things that might make them angry.  They already seemed sufficiently angry, thank you very much.  We killed them. Lots of them. Enough to where they saw the error of pushing their barbaric philosophies.

Today, the people of Japan and Germany are alive and thriving; and those philosophies that plunged us into a World War are relegated to the ash heap of history. Today, young Germans and Japanese read about this and wonder how their forefathers could have ever been so stupid.

So shall it be with ISIS.

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