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Colbert’s Comments Test Libertarian Views:

Late-night comics and would-be political pundits saying disgusting things is nothing new…particularly when the brunt of the jokes is an unpopular member of the Republican Party.  You don’t have to probe too deeply into your memory banks to recall the treatment Sarah Palin and her children received.

MSNBC host Martin Bashir, taking issue with a slavery reference by Palin, arguing, read from a journal that described how a slave was punished by having another slave defecate in his mouth.  He then suggested Palin be subject to that same treatment.  Bill Maher was more direct, calling her a c*nt.  David Letterman made fun of Palin’s daughter having a child out of wedlock, bringing in the specter of statutory rape.  Even her grandson, Trig, who has Down’s Syndrome was not off-limits.  The aforementioned Maher called him retarded.

stephen-colbert-zeroes-in-on-why-he-thinks-donald-trump-lost-wisconsinPresident Donald Trump, who appears to have the same psychological effect on the left as did Palin, has taken his fair share of abuse since the campaign.  Nothing new there.  He’s the President.  That comes with the job.  But the bar was raised (or lowered) this week when the reliably-mediocre Stephen Colbert (pictured, left)  weighed in during CBS’s “The Late Show.”  The profanity-laced rant was bleeped during the telecast, but left little to the imagination.

“Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine, You have more people marching against you than cancer. You talk like a sign language gorilla that got hit in the head. In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster.”

So homophobia is now funny? I missed the memo.  I thought the current Social Justice Playbook frowned upon such things.  Well, that book is quite fluid, depending entirely upon the messenger and the target.

In response, there is now an effort to have Colbert fired.  I have mixed feelings.  Certainly people can leverage the power of the purse to let a company know that they disagree with the way one of their employees is conducting themselves.  That’s called, “voting with your feet.”  On the other hand, I’ve seen the Social Justice Warriors leverage use this tactic to get Mozilla’s CEO fired because he once supported a California referendum that they did not like.  At the time, I said that I would gladly disagree with anyone’s dissenting opinion on something and tell them exactly what I thought of them…but I would NOT try to get them fired.  As such, there is no way I can support this effort to get Colbert ousted.

In the meantime, those on the political left are using this campaign as evidence that Trump supporters are just as thin-skinned as the AntiFa rioters who have shut down conservative speakers at Universities this year.  Well, not quite.  That would only be true if Trump supporters had stormed CBS headquarters and lobbed Molotov cocktails inside—if they had assaulted CBS employees as they tried to enter or leave the building.  Until that happens, there is no equivalency, so you can shove that idea deep within your lower extremities.

In short, I cannot in good conscience support any effort to fire Colbert.  But those who are attempting it have every right to do so.  And if he gets fired, it is not “censorship.”  Only the government can censor.  If he gets fired, it is because CBS feels it is no longer in their financial interest to keep him in their employ.

Here’s the best thing about Free Speech.  It allows you to easily identify idiots.  Under a society where speech is tightly controlled, you can only guess.

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  1. wpvectoredge says:

    Here’s the best thing about Free Speech. It allows you to easily identify idiots.


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