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Hillary…you still don’t get it, do you?

clinton1I guess in a day where terrorists are “freedom fighters,” Anti-fascists are fascist and oral sex is not sex; I should not be surprised when someone alleges to take full responsibility for something—then proceeds to blame every one and every THING else.

Failed Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared on CNN today; no doubt looking for a friendly audience.  Not surprisingly, that was easy to find as she was interviewed by hard-left journalist Christiane Amanpour.  Clinton, who has made a career out of not being responsible for anything, finally galvanized the energy and faux-regret needed today to say she took “absolute personal responsibility” for her surprising Electoral loss to Donald Trump.   If she had ended the interview there, charged out of the studio and did a three-minute keg stand, she would have been fine.  But no.  She then proceeded to pass the buck around like a joint at a Cypress Hill concert.

There was FBI Director James Comey and his “October Surprise” message to Congress about a new twist in the ongoing e-mail investigation.  Indeed, Clinton asserted today she would have won the election if it were held on October 27th.  Yup…she said that.

A couple of things.  Number one, the election is NOT on October 27th.  It is NOT the Daytona 400.  The Super Bowl lasts four quarters.  Ask the Atlanta Falcons.  My God, but this was dumb.

Secondly, who was responsible for Comey and the FBI investigating your e-mails in the first place?  Yea…that would be YOU.  Hell, if not for Comey’s curious decision last summer to not recommend charges against you, you would never have been the nominee in the first place.  Again, the origin of all this was YOU.  Hillary Clinton, no one else, chose to set up a homebrew e-mail server that circumvented every recognized security protocol for the State Department.  And I expect you did it at no small offense.  Again, the genesis of all this was Hillary Rodham Clinton, not James Comey.

Clinton also mentioned the new super-villains, the Russians, and their role in her loss.  To believe her, you have to suspend a lot of common sense.  Somehow, the Rooskies had to infiltrate even paper voting systems that are not connected to the internet.  They would also have had to influence an untold thousands of elections officials from sea-to-shining-sea to get the results they desired.   When Trump brought up his ridiculous notion that the election was rigged, Democrats correctly pointed out that such a thing was impossible; given the de-centralized nature of the Presidential Election.

Ah, but what about the increasing evidence that Russians may have coordinated the Wikileaks hacks of the DNC e-mails?  Would that not lend validity to Hillary’s “Russian Bogeyman” claims?  Once again, where did this stem from?  Yes, she DID run a play-for-pay scheme and sold influence through the Clinton Foundation.  And DNC officials worked actively to undermine Bernie Sanders’ Presidential bid.  Blaming the Russians for exposing this is like blaming the weatherman for the rain.

Another of Clinton’s excuses today (while accepting “absolute personal responsibility”,” mind you) was the media.  “Fake News,” I suppose.  Well, for suspicious stories to have had any impact with voters, they had to contain at least a kernel of truth.  “Hillary Gives Birth to Alien Twins” is probably not going to do the trick.  But stories highlighting her curious e-mail practices might work.  And who did that?  Yes…it was Hillary.  Had none of these things happened, any “Fake News” stories based on such things would have had the same impact as the Alien Twins headline.  They would have been ignored.  But she did it.  They did it.  And they paid the price.  Again, the blame rests squarely with Hillary Rodham Clinton and her minions…not with shadowy hackers in Moscow.

Doing the postmortem on Hillary’s disastrous run has become sort of a cottage industry in the political press.  They have joined Hillary in looking for explanations why she lost under every rock and in every nook and cranny around.  But Clinton and the press refuse to look in a mirror.  If they do, they will find the reason.

“Taking absolute personal responsibility” does not include blaming everyone under the sun.  That I would even have to point that out puzzles me.  Hillary Clinton had every possible advantage in terms of money, name recognition, grassroots organization, central party support and a friendly press.  But that was not enough to overcome her most glaring negative…herself and her radioactive toxicity. And she refuses to acknowledge it.  The best thing is, “What difference does it make?”

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