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Jet-setters Fly to DC to March For the Climate

Thousands of people poured into Washington, D.C., today for the latest Elections Have Consequences March.

This one, planned for the magical 100th day of Donald Trump’s presidency, sought to re-kindle the dimming flame of Climate Change policy.  Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and former Vice President Al Gore were among the crowd.  In the true spirit of event, both of them biked from their respective homes.  (not really).

jet settersThe most curious guest of the day was Billionaire Richard Branson.  (pictured, left, with Al Gore)  Yes…the one who owns multiple jets and is commissioning an effort to get private citizens launched into space.  But he thinks the rest of the hoi polloi should avail themselves of public transportation and go green.  Tell you what, Richard.  When you start putting solar panels on the wings of your planes and eschew jet fuel, we’ll talk.

You can debate Trump’s efficiency in keeping his campaign promises, but one area where he HAS been faithful is a complete about-face from the previous administration’s worshipful reverence of Climate Change policy.  Indeed, President Obama said unequivocally that it was the number one problem of our time.  In his first 100 days, Trump signed an executive order to undo Obama’s climate change agenda, including regulations of greenhouse gas emissions.  Trump has also pushed for major reforms at the Environmental Protection Agency.  Just yesterday, the EPA took down the climate page on its website.

Much like labor unions need workplace strife to be relevant; like race hustlers need racism to be important, like Jim Cantore needs hurricanes in order for people to listen to him—the International (Reformed) Church of Climate Change needs the Climate Change bogeyman.

It should not be surprising that liberals wants to lead on Climate Change. It’s an issue that THEY get to define, while giving cute little pejorative nicknames to those who disagree. In short…a debate where THEY call the shots. Cowards generally avoid issues where they are not in control.  And let’s be honest…fighting a phantom army of giant CO2 monsters is far easier to do and claim victory than fighting real people like ISIS.

Now the international climate community, which was so hoping that the United States would take the lead on this mythical Climate Change dragon will have to find a new champion.  Perhaps China and/or Russia will willingly agree to hamstring their industry in order to make the modern-day version of a virgin sacrifice to the Climate Gods?  Then again…probably not.

For those of you who are genuinely concerned about the environment and want common-sense legislation and regulations to deal with it, we can break bread.  Targeted and specific regulations have done wonders to remove smog and clean up waterways.  But the Climate Change crowd is asking for a blank check.  Their more militant elements are willing to surrender our economic autonomy in order to battle the demons that they say exist.   If you are going to push for draconian government intervention to solve an alleged problem, then you had best be prepared to answer pointed questions.  Responding with “Do you even science, bro” won’t cut it.

Climate Change is, at worst, a minor anomaly that will be easily dealt with. But such a stance does not allow for odious government expansion.  Therefore, those who are fond of government power will continue their efforts.  If it fails, this mania will simply be re-branded and re-packaged in a few decades.  Unfortunately, my children are being trained to deal with this after their old man goes senile.

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