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Another blow to the Scientific Method

Today’s March for Science in Washington should be fun.  And by “fun” I mean “cringe-worthy.”  Under the auspices of accepting the scientific method as sacrosanct, marchers will unite today to tell us rubes in the Hinterlands how stupid we are for not reflexively genuflecting to their awesome collective intellect.

If this were truly a “March for Science,” I would be interested.  I’m a left-brained guy and science fascinates me.  But this is a March for Science in the same way that February’s “March for Women” was…well…a march for women.  Only “certain” science will be touted today.

bill-nye-and-partner-from-dwtsMuch like pro-life women were explicitly told they were NOT welcome at the women’s march; many scientists are being told their participation in today’s tomfoolery isn’t needed.  Bill Nye (pictured, left), the Science Guy, was named honorary co-chairman last month. He’s a Climate Change aficionado and a celebrity so you think his bona fides would be well-established with this crowd.  But nay…because he is a white male that set off the predictable reactions concerning “race, gender and privilege.”  Since this unforgivable kerfuffle, two MORE Co-Chairs have been named…both feature the proper melanin content and chromosomal arrangement so as to appease the mob.

Again, this *could* be a worthwhile event…if they would stick to science.  But they won’t.  I can’t wait to see the videos from unhinged lunatics hailed as “climate experts.”  They will no doubt tell us that Trump loves dirty water, that conservatives want to burn the sky “Matrix”-style, that Republicans are dumping uranium-laced coal into kiddie pools from sea to shining sea.

This is a march for liberalism.  It’s a march for progressivism.  It is a march for Democrats.  It is a march against Trump.  It is a march for government power.  Call it what the hell it is.

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