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Sexual Assault—For the Greater Good

One of the many wonderful episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” featured a planet whose population had been battered by terrorists.  In response, the government created a police state. People were constantly monitored and scanned before entering nearly any room.  The planet’s delegation even brought their hyper-sensitivity to the Enterprise; much to the frustration of Captain Picard.  Their President bragged about their lack of terrorist attacks since implementing the new policies.  But it was abundantly demonstrated that they were a nervous and dysfunctional society.  They were not “free” by any stretch.


tsaThat episode came to my mind as I watched the latest evidence of state-sponsored sexual assault…cloaked as “security.”  A Texas mother who asked TSA agents at DFW International for alternative screening for her son with special needs said they were “treated like dogs” and forced to miss a flight during an extensive security check.  The link includes a video of the pat-down.  You can draw your own conclusions…and that’s fine.   I see it as borderline sexual assault.  AT BEST, it is unnecessary theater.


Many in the comments section, depressingly, said the agent was “just doing his job.”  Where have I heard *that* defense before?  They also suggested that if we do not like having a grown man rubbing his hands along the posterior of our children that we should just not fly.  This is what happens when people continuously surrender basic authority to government.  A perverse sort of “Stockholm Syndrome.”


Full disclosure— I am not a “frequent flyer” by any stretch.   My idea of fun is not being herded like a lamb to the slaughter, through a myriad of checkpoints, with the ultimate goal being to step into a pressurized metal tube hurtling through the air at several-hundred miles per hour.   Let’s put it this way—airport bars show a measurable profit on the few occasions I take to the air.


But I despise the TSA. They combine the efficiency of the DMV with the charm of the IRS. In typical government fashion, they were created in the aftermath of a highly emotional event; ostensibly as a means by which similar events could be prevented. Also in typical government fashion, they offer only the illusion of serving their purpose. They are little more than props.  There have been several well-chronicled investigations that have shown these agents have failed to stop weapons from being brought on to planes.


Here’s the little secret that no one in the TSA will admit. The next great terrorist attack will almost certainly NOT be via air travel. The success of the 9-11 attacks was almost entirely dependent upon the cooperation from the passengers. I’m sure many of them were thinking, “Great—I’m going to be late for that sales presentation in San Francisco.” Flight 93 demonstrated what will happen on ANY flight when passengers know there’s a threat of terrorism.


But of course, the government will never pass over a chance to hire Barney Fifes-in-training to fully flex their amoeba-sized sliver of power over people. Not when there’s the illusion of “security” to be gained.


Keep telling yourself that you’re free.

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  1. Berkeley Bidgood says:

    Never let a serious crises go to waste.

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