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Fun times for the Far Left. Seriously.

9_Vagina_embed_update1I swear I don’t think I’ve ever seen the far left happier.

Oh, I don’t mean that they’re HAPPY-happy.  You know…like the kind of happy you get when you win the lottery, solve Final Jeopardy or pop a huge zit.  No, this is the kind of happy where you feel like you’re doing the Lord’s work.  That contentment that comes with suffering for what you feel is a worthy cause.

We’ve seen the women’s marches this year that included vagina costumes (see picture), “p*ssy hats” and notes scrawled across tampons which were then plastered onto walls.  Not exactly akin to nailing 95 theses on a Cathedral Door in Wittenberg, but hey—you make do with what ya got.  We’ve also seen the far-left tactics of Antifa…a group that employs the curious strategy of using fascist tactics to fight alleged fascists.  These are the bandana-faced people who have committed the more egregious acts of violence while making sure the world does not hear from people with whom they disagree.  If they’re not careful, actual fascists will sue them for copyright infringement.

I say all this to make a point.  I think the far left is MUCH happier now than they would have been had Hillary been elected.  With Trump in the White House, they can proudly join “The Resistance ©.”  They can do what liberals do best—assign altruistic motives to otherwise pointless political posturing, empty symbolic gestures and willing martyrdom.  With Trump as President, they have the perfect cover to allow them to promulgate vapid rhetoric while acting like a five-year old who’s been told they cannot have a third scoop of Neapolitan ice cream.

I honestly think many of them are jealous.  Protest groups in the past stood against REAL injustices.  The Civil Rights movement addressed seminal race issues and questions about the very essence of humanity.  Labor Unions dove head-first into very real concerns about workplace safety and the fundamental relationship between workers and management.  Now that most of those issues have been addressed, there’s very little left for people to go after today.  There are no more impressive dragons to slay.  Goliath is already dead.  The only enemies worth fighting now are not terribly formidable…so they must be played up as much as possible.  You don’t brag when your football team beats a patsy…you brag when they take down the #1 team in the AP Poll.

The Far Left feels like they have a cause and I think this sense of purpose is sustaining many of them.  As long as they restrict it to marches where they don costumes that resemble their private parts, I look forward to the entertainment.  I will also make it a point to differentiate them from actual liberals who are truly interested in debate and maintaining their dignity.  Yes, such people DO still exist.

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