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“Leave us alone” is now “Do business with us or suffer”

Call it beating a dead horse—call it what you will.  I don’t care.

rs-rainbowrose2The Washington state Supreme Court ruled this week that a Christian florist violated state anti-discrimination laws when she declined to provide floral arrangements for a longtime customer’s same-sex wedding ceremony.  A gay couple, Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed, sued Arlene’s Flowers after the shop’s owner, Barronelle Stutzman, declined to provide flowers for the couple’s ceremony, citing her religious beliefs that marriage is between a man and a woman.  This follows on the heels of similar ruling against Christian bakers who were cited for refusing to participate in same-sex ceremonies.

Folks, let’s get to the real issue at play here.  This is not about refusing to deal with someone because they are gay.  This florist had done business with the couple several times before.  This was about her refusing to participate in an event that represented a direct affront to her religious beliefs.  Whether or not you agree with that stance (and I do not) does she not have the right to refuse to do something that would be a direct violation of her religious beliefs?

Think of it this way. If Snoop Dogg walked into my bakery and I refused to bake him a case, just because he’s black, that’s wrong. But I *should* have the right to refuse to bake him a cake with raunchy song lyrics on it.

And I will throw out another cliché…because its true.   Why did they not try and force a Muslim florist to provide services for their wedding?  I think we all know why.

It is curious, but not surprising, that this ruling is being lauded by the same people who cheered the loudest last year when Bruce Springsteen, the Atlantic Coast Conference and other entities refused to do business with the state of North Carolina over their House Bill 2 law.  The inconsistency is astounding.

Once again, Gay Rights supporters are missing a GOLDEN opportunity to have libertarians like me willing to go to bat for them. I have always been more than happy to give gays the benefit of the doubt about a great many things. It mostly owes to the fact that I simply do not care what someone does in private. I have plenty of my own issues to occupy my time and energy without worrying about someone else’s.

But when you transform into the same bullies that you used to nobly fight—that’s when you lose me

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