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Who can a Transgirl trust?

cait-6bb18747-f52a-41ce-8b33-93a2def6ef34The modern left seems truly mystified that someone who resides in one of the special tribes to which they cater could possibly think for themselves.  They seem puzzled by the concept that someone can see beyond those tribal boundaries.

This Sunday Editorial in the New York Times wonders how Caitlyn Jenner could possibly be a Republican.  I will give the author, Jennifer Finney Boylan, credit for at least *trying* to understand Caitlyn Jenner’s conservatism.  The left’s usual reaction is an emotional outburst followed by ostracism.  I particularly liked her metaphor of a trans person supporting a Republican as akin to a pig in a chef’s hat featured outside a BBQ restaurant.  It’s a misguided analogy, but funny as hell.

I guess most on the left are frustrated that there would be those people in these tribes who would abandon the left’s long effort to isolate them for the purpose of gaining their support.  I suppose it is the same thing conservative parents feel when their child grows up to be a liberal.  “How could you do this me…after all I’ve done for you?”  They take it personally when what they perceive as years of emotional and tangible investment are wasted on a person.  I think the greater crime is assuming that person’s thoughts could be purchased in the first place.

Need more proof?  Witness the vitriolic reaction a black conservative gets from liberals in general and black liberals in particular.  You will find no greater enmity anywhere.  They don’t even have to be conservative…but simply question the way things have always been.  Even a reliable liberal like Juan Williams was excoriated by the left for daring to share the fact that he sometimes felt uncomfortable on planes with Muslim passengers. Black Conservatives like Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice and Tim Scott have it even worse.  They get death threats and hate mail.  Hopefully that is as far as it will ever go.

I believe that the sharp reaction from the left is based on the fact that a gay conservative (or a black conservative) repudiates all that the left stands for.  They have spent decades placing people in tribes while insuring the tribes that the only thing standing between them and total annihilation was the Political Left.  If a few tribe members break free and discover that they indeed can make it on their own without the Left’s help, others will follow.  Soon, the Left will lose political clout.  And, quite frankly, their modus operandi of creating victims to protect will be exposed for the fraud it has always been.

So, why should a straight white dude like me give a damn?  Well, I guess I feel a personal affinity for those who abandon group think. You may think of me as 100% Republican, but you would be wrong.  My stances on gay marriage, abortion, assisted suicide and several other issues fly in the face of what many say I *should* think.  Fortunately, none of my friends on the right have excommunicated me for having these beliefs.  I can’t say the same for many on the left who have gone against their colleagues’ orthodoxy.  This man’s example, chronicled in the New York Post, is one of many cases.

Again, at least this author is asking “why,” as opposed to demonizing the free thinkers within a tribe’s ranks.  That is a superb starting point.

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