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Todd admits the media shielded Hillary

Meet the Press - Season 67On the one hand, I guess I should be glad that there is a mainstream media figure who is not blaming Russians, Breitbart or the evil Electoral College for Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat last fall.  But in an interview on Ari Fleischer’s podcast, NBC Host Chuck Todd went in a completely unexpected direction…towards the truth.

Todd, host of “Meet the Press,” admitted that he and others downplayed how hated Clinton was in the nation’s heartland.  Well, we kinda knew that; based on the paucity of stories that explored the metamorphosis seen on the landscape as Trump signs cropped up everywhere except the seaboard.  Why did they downplay it?  “I think it was a fear of, ‘Oh, is it going to look like it’s sexist, anti-woman if we say that?’”  Really?  Wow.  So by Todd’s admission they misrepresented what was happening on the election trail because they didn’t want to appear to be contributing to the war on women.

This is why I bristle at those who automatically throw the “racist” card when you criticize someone black and the “sexist” card whenever a women is the target of your critique.  It shuts down free speech, free thought and honest interpretation of events.  Plus, it is the tool of a coward.

That having been said, I think Todd is lying.  There’s a reason they downplayed stories that would cast Clinton in a bad light and it had nothing to do with her gender.  She was *their* candidate.  She was the one to whom reporters leaked debate questions beforehand. Clinton was the whom the polls repeated told us was winning.  Clinton was the one whose shady past was glossed over and explained by people who were supposed to be reporting the news; not commenting on it.

Whether Todd is telling the truth or lying through his teeth, neither scenario should make us trust the mainstream media any further than we can spit.


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