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Zero Tolerance for Trump

If I ever hear anyone on the left harping about a lack of bipartisanship, I am going to point them to this article.  There are hundreds of other examples I could cite, but this is simply the latest.

According to Sporting News writer David Steele, Cleveland Browns Hall of Famer Jim Brown’s half-century of social activism for African-Americans is now null and void.  What did Mr. Brown do?  Did he molest a child?  Give away military secrets?  Root for the Steelers?  No.  Brown committed the one unpardonable sin in the eyes of Civil Rights leaders.  He said nice things about Donald Trump.

brown_trump_ap_imgBecause Brown opposed the attacks Congressman John Lewis launched against Trump, Brown’s decades of good work means nothing, according to Steele.  Brown’s record on Civil Rights work is impeccable.  He was instrumental in getting sports figures to support Muhammad Ali when his title was stripped for refusing to serve in Vietnam. Brown also founded the Black Economic Union to promote black-owned business in inner cities.  He also founded the Amer-I-Can Foundation 25 years ago to fight inner-city gang culture.   Amer-I-Can includes a 15-lesson course Brown himself created to train young blacks to gain control of their emotions in order to lead productive lives. The program helps inner-city youth learn to keep a job, raise a family, and go back to school.

But to David Steele, all that has evaporated.  “That Jim Brown is dead,” Steele writes.  You’ll notice Steele couldn’t say “I disagree.”  He couldn’t say, “Here’s why you’re wrong.”  No.  All you have to do is suggest that Trump does not suck and that’s enough for harpies like Steele to excommunicate you from their metaphorical church.

It comes hard on the heels of CNN hack Marc Lamont Hill calling blacks in the Trump Administration “mediocre Negroes.”  Really.  He said that.  It also comes soon after we learned that some performers scheduled to appear at Inauguration activities had to pull out because of death threats.  Yes, death threats.  For wanting to perform at a function that celebrates our peaceful transfer of power.

This is why we can’t have nice things.  This is why there is no bipartisanship.  This is why no one wants to reach across the aisle.  Who wants to take that first step towards reconciliation when it means that their own people are going to throw them to the wolves?

I honestly think liberal blacks are terrified that Trump’s policies may actually…you know…help blacks.  If that happens, their vice-like grip on the African-American community will end, and their policies will be exposed as fraudulent.

Mr. Steele, Jim Brown is a free man even if you want to stay a slave. His message on African-American empowerment has been consistent from day one, and it is correct.  He has urged Blacks to look beyond government intervention and focus on economic and social development in inner cities.

Steele’s reaction shows the orthodox left maintains their Zero Tolerance policy toward dissent.  Ironically, this type of behavior is one of the reasons why Donald J. Trump will be sworn in tomorrow as our 45th President.

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