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Rewarding terrorism


Take a good look at the map I’ve included here.  The area in green is Muslim-Arab nations in the Middle East and North Africa.  Now note the tiny sliver of red at the east end of the Mediterranean Sea.  If you’re looking at this on a mobile device you might not be able to see it, since its so small.  That is Israel.

Outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry thinks that if that red spot was just a LITTLE smaller, we would be able to find a meaningful two-state solution—a way to end a conflict that goes back several millennia.

Of course, reality tells us differently. Scattered Jewish settlements are not what’s standing in the way of any meaningful Mideast Peace.  What has stood in the way and what will continue to stand in the way is the steadfast refusal of Israel’s neighbors of their right to exist as a Jewish State.

In just the past 15 years, there have been two offers made to the Palestinians that would have created their own state in Gaza and in the West Bank.  Both proposals would have included a capital in East Jerusalem.  Israel even offered to dismantle some of their settlements in the process.  The Palestinians refused both offers.  Time and time again, Israel has demonstrated that they are the only side willing to make significant concessions to achieve peace.  For their troubles, Israel has been attacked three times by Hamas in the past decade.

This is not unique to the 21st century, either.  Israel has elected several moderate leaders over the years who made repeated peace overtures to the Palestinians—-only to be met with rejection, then violence

Giving the Palestinians all they want here would also advance the notion that terrorism works.  It would demonstrate that terror attacks can achieve the terrorist’s goals.  What a wonderful message to send to future generations of terrorists.

And here’s a thought.  If the Arabs had not attacked Israel in 1967 and in 1973, perhaps there would be no Israeli settlements in these disputed territories.  But no.  They attacked.  They lost.  And they paid the price.  Now they are trying to get diplomats to accomplish what their soldiers could not.  We’ve been told elections have consequences.  So do unsuccessful military campaigns.  Deal with it.

Simply put, Palestinians, you haven’t behaved well enough to be afforded any significant concessions.  You have demonstrated a piss-poor record of compliance on previous agreements.  You have not proven you can be trusted.  Therefore, I see no reason to give you anything you desire.

Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East.  They are the only nation that has anything resembling civil rights for women and minorities.  They are the only Middle Eastern nation that doesn’t hate our flippin’ guts.  How can you expect them to negotiate with entities that want to destroy them?

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