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Trump wins. Peak 2016 achieved.


If the Chicago Cubs can win the World Series, is it really that big of a stretch to have Donald Trump win the Presidency? We have now reached Peak 2016. What a wild year!

The early numbers last night showed a disturbing trend for Democrats.  Trump was outperforming the polls in every single so-called “Swing State.”  By significant margins.  Those trends continued through the evening.

As much as the results were about the unorthodox candidacy and campaigning methods employed by Trump; it was also about the toxicity of Hillary Clinton.  The fact that Democrats nominated a candidate who had more negatives than any other major-party candidate in recent memory could not have helped.  I am reading pundits who claim that she never “clearly articulated herself.”  Wrong.  It appears that a large segment of the electorate knew EXACTLY who she was…the quintessential slimy politician.  A liar. A sociopath.  Someone who was as cuddly as a porcupine.  Someone who rose to her position through questionable means.  Someone who was simply out for themselves.

My thoughts on both of the nominees have been well-chronicled here and elsewhere.  But I must admit to a certain amount of joy over the American public rejecting a supremely-flawed candidate like Clinton.

One upshot of the election is that a lot of Big Government Liberals are going to discover the appeal of a smaller, less-intrusive government.  They may also find a fresh fondness for the built-in protections our Constitution has on the federal government.  The mainstream media will also resume their role as the Fourth Estate, vigorously questioning the Presidential administration like they haven’t since…well…the last time a Republican was in the White House.

Another good thing is that we have likely witnessed the death of traditional polling methods.  How many people still use a landline?  It’s a much smaller number than it was just four years ago.  And how many people utilize the wonderful invention of caller ID to ignore such calls?  The people who actually DO respond to such calls are, evidently, not an accurate reflection of the electorate.

As for you, President-Elect Trump…congratulations.  I have a soft spot for people who succeed while defying convention.  But know that I and millions of others are going to hold your feet to the fire.  You will need to grow ticker skin immediately.  Calling people names when they question you (as you did repeatedly during the campaign) must end.  Flying by the seat of your pants on important decisions will now have major consequences.  In short, we are going to hold you to your promises.

And to Congress.  Just because “your guy” is in the White House does NOT give you permission to grant them carte blanche.  You need to make yourselves relevant again and make sure the Executive Branch remembers that it is you who make the laws.

As for us, it would do us a world of good to put a lid on the rancor we’ve seen and act like what we are…citizens of the greatest nation on Earth.

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